What Will The Future Of OTT Look Like? A Lot Like TV’s | AdExchanger

For years, some in the digital media industry have heralded the “death of TV” as an event nothing short of inevitable.

For them, the steady migration of video viewers to digital platforms only ends in one place: a world where the traditional cable television bundle is wiped out entirely, in favor of streaming services that allow customers to pick and choose the content they want to pay for.

Yet, for all this bluster, television is far from dead, and its future looks quite a lot like its present – but better. While consumers are slowly decreasing the amount of time they spend watching linear television, it’s much more accurate to say TV consumption is changing than it is to say it’s dying.

Despite all the talk of a la carte solutions, the economics of premium content suggest that the bundle is here to stay, even if it’s delivered through over-the-top (OTT) platforms rather than linear television.

So not only is TV not going anywhere, I see several reasons why the futures of OTT and TV will look a lot alike.

Source: What Will The Future Of OTT Look Like? A Lot Like TV’s | AdExchanger