Broadcasting in the OTT world | ITProPortal

The way we consume TV content has changed beyond recognition over the last decade.  The traditional model of broadcasting has been fundamentally disrupted by the rise of OTT apps and services accessed via high-speed internet-connected devices including smartphones and tablets, laptops, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and smart TVs.  As modern consumers, we’ve come to expect choice, flexibility and interactivity across multiple platforms; we want to watch our favourite shows anywhere and anytime. This trend is especially evident when it comes to the new digitally-savvy generation for whom OTT is the default mode of content delivery. Ofcom recently published data showing that 5-15 year olds in the UK are spending 15 hours online each week, which for the first time exceeds the amount of time they spend watching a TV set.

Source: Broadcasting in the OTT world | ITProPortal