This VR cycle is dead | TechCrunch

Millions of Americans donned a wacky-looking headset to get a glimpse of a different reality this week.

No, not a virtual reality headset — these people were looking up at the sky through protective goggles to witness a total eclipse of the sun which cut a shadowy swathe across middle America.

And while some 160 million Americans were intending (said CNN) to watch the rarely-glimpsed solar spectacle in some shape or fashion, be it in person donning protective glasses (hopefully), or casting shadows through pinholes pierced in cardboard, or eyeing TV commentary, or via one of the many eclipse livestreams available online, the VR industry could only stand on the sidelines and marvel at such impressive viewing figures.

Because virtual reality is having a moment — a bad one, not basking in any much sun.

Source: This VR cycle is dead | TechCrunch