F1 gears up for 4K UHD remote production and looks ahead to IP and HDR

The world’s most popular motorsport gets the greenlight in Melbourne on 25 March under new management and an evolving suite of editorial products designed to reinvigorate storytelling and return to the visceral wheel to wheel action viewers may recall from the battles of Hunt v Lauda or Prost v Senna.

Liberty Media completed its acquisition of Formula 1 in January 2017 and has been on a rapid path to re-connect the iconic global motorsports business with fans. Last season saw the introduction of UHD coverage from all 21 races, a decision already in train before Liberty took over, but this is the first season in which its strategy of reinventing the fan experience is put into action.

After “a lot of nervousness” this time last year, the UHD production ultimately proved “extremely successful” says Formula 1 TV systems Group Manager Trevor Turner.