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3 some game, Japaneses woman picking men especially for 3 some game

By Dr. Ava Cadell.

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Forgot your password? I think that once you get into the hotel room the game is bedroom golf. But at a social event like a meet-n-greet, a good game gets people to mix and mingle.

Name: Griselda
Age: I am 23
Ethnic: Greek
Hair color: White
Zodiac sign: Cancer
What is my favourite music: Pop
Hobbies: Yoga
I have piercing: I don't have piercings
I have tattoo: None

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Tricks 3Some. Cards game with 3 players, each player has 2 opponents. You play against two sexy girls Opponent 1 and Opponent 2.

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Game idea: Cover opponents cards to take Tricks. Higher card covers the lower card of the same suit.

Tricks 3some

The Trick value is a sum of those two cards - covering card and covered card. Tricks values are summing in your score.

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Each player wants to cover cards of both opponents, to take more tricks of the higher values. Gameplay: All players receive 6 cards from the deck.

You play first - choose your card, that may cover some lower card of some of your opponents, drag this card and cover the lower card. Your Trick comes to your "base" and its value is summing in your score.

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Then, the turn of the Opponent 1 - she chooses her card, and covers some card your, or Opponent's 2and takes her Trick. Then the turn of Opponent 2, she may cover your card, or Opponent 1 card. Then, again your turn, etc When some player have no card to cover, he "PASSes" his turn.

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If you have no card to cover - click on the "PASS" button. The set finishes, when all 3 players has no cards to cover - all 3 "PASS". The Player who has the higher Tricks sum wins the set.

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When some opponent has lost the game Doneshe does not play in next sets, but you still may cover her cards. Controls : Drag your card to cover some lower card of any opponent.