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Babysitter game walkthrough, Babysitter game walkthrough lady hunting for men especially for naughties

Walkthrough Babysitter 0. Views 2, Downlo File size KB.

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Babysitter is about you starting to play in the role of freelance programmer, whose career is not so successful as expected. In the meantime, your sister is having argue with her daughter whether she will go on college or not. This argue ends in having your niece in your apartment free room. in. Log into your. Forgot your password?

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First Prev of Go to. Stev1 Member. Jan 4, I think that the only reason more people aren't bothered by it, is because it's happening with a woman.

Walkthrough vb

Reactions: numanumaniasgardtipar2 and UncleVT. Segnbora Well-Known Member. Aug 30, 1, 2, It's a really unfortunate complaint, too, because the Culture Shock dev admitted that it was a mistake and changed it.

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Because I Love Her has become a disaster of And here the writer's also quite open to and responding to the pushback. The arbitrary hair-trigger absolutism in a game where one knows fetish I don't like is possible seems The update isn't even finished. Reactions: numanumani and DOM Marko Active Member. Jun 8, Reactions: sora and DOM DA22 Devoted Member. Jan 10, 7, 14, Marko said:.

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Reactions: Valecksoraasgardtipar2 and 2 others. DA22 said:. I agree on the password, not on the avoidable NTR though. If it is your kink to see women you like being abused and used by such unsavory characters like Silver and Robert the NTR is great in this game. If that is not your kink though that part of the game is a real big turn off, so I can understand very well people want to know whether that part of the game can be passed up on so as not to ruin their experience especially since the game does have a great story and renders.

I would not mind though if you had to cockblock Robert and Silver a bit less on the non-NTR route and they would be way less visible on those routes myself. Of course it also babysitter game walkthrough not help that NTR tag is used to include so many things like cheating, swinging and stealing away both from MC doing it or it being done to him.

Babysitter [final vb] [t4bbo]

This makes it not weird that people want to know what the extent and forms are that NTR takes in a game. Might as well troll everyone.

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Reactions: WhiteFireDaemonnumanumaniasgardtipar2 and 2 others. Bahamut Zero Well-Known Member.

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Apr 27, 1, So guys ahahahahahah the password is At last i hope is that. Just now i am download the v1. I am just laught like a crazy to see how many ppl ask about it! I mean i try to go back like 5 babysitter game walkthrough 6 and there are 3 really 3 guys that just ask the password one after another, like Anyway for the sake of all mind was just better to put the password on 1? Really if someone do not like, avoid it. If someone like, just do it. Also the developer just say that the NTR is not the main focus about the game.

That the game have, but is easy avoidable. So is usless to continue to ask about a full NTR plot. This game is not like that. This game is a plot base game! Where you need really to play the pot to go to other sex action. Is not a grind go around game and gain relationship point to see every time the same sex scene. I mean there are lot and lot of great game on this forum where you need to grind and gain point to see every sex scene in game.

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But this game is not like that. In this game you have to go to point A, to point B and if you choice well you see who happen. I really like this game! Have really great animation. Well perhaps there is only one name that really wanna me complain about it really Veruca is the only name that i do not like.

But men she is so damn gorgeous that i cant wait to fuck her with MC and finaly see me revenge toward Silver. Ofc i play the game avoiding all NTR. Because i hate NTR. But i always wanna a revenge toward Silver or the other men.

Babysitter (v final) | part #1 | full game walkthrough | download for pc & android

Anyway cant wait to see this v1. But i already know that see the full update i need to wait the 1.

But at last i can taste who happen in this new update. Also cant wait the walkthrough too. Ofc i know that the walk come with the 1. So i save on another slot to reload the correct one with the walk. As always thank you to let us play you game t4bbo! Reactions: Raksha Retiringvirus Newbie.

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Aug 9, 46 Darthjake Active Member. Jun 2, The game is great fun, the one babysitter game walkthrough I'm confused on is the walkthrough. It talks about the horny being higher then the friend, is that just going through picking the horny choices over the friend choices? Or will there be an option later to reset, somevalues like friend and play back through? I will admit that I lol'd at the Punch him in the face sequence. Reactions: asgardtipar2. Nov 22, 1, 1, Everybody can see the NTR tag and like me would just pass on it because I am not into that cuck bullshit.

The real problem is that when a dev says its "avoidable" and you end up with NTR content on a path that should'nt have any of that content that is what makes people mad. Did the dev just lie to get more people to try it and possibly support them. If devs do it cause they like that shit and just want to troll people who dont then thats just some sociopathic shit right there. Reactions: Valeck and albul.

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Dec 10, 1, Apr 10, 9, There's a small misspelling that takes place after MC and Jessica's showering: "Christine enters the bathroom and you and Christine sit down on the couch to wait for her. A few minutes later she comes out in a towel. Reactions: Burt Reynolds Mustache. Jul 23, Irgendwie Irgendwo said:. Reactions: Irgendwie Irgendwo. Jan 9, Reactions: DA MrWally said:.