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Just like the movies, as video games are starting to enter the mainstream, more and more sex is being introduced in them. Back in the day, when gaming was in its infancy stages, they had nothing more than plumbers trying to jump over barrels or other weird looking creatures spitting fire. But they have come a long way now, and the closer they get to reality, the more they portray real life things like emotions, gore, and even sex.

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The idea of video game sex is viewed with contempt by most people. These are the kind of people who are likely to get a kick out of seeing video game characters engaging in sexual action. But for better or worse, as video games have entered the mainstream, we are seeing more and more sex scenes in video games.

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9. fires at midnight

Video games with sex scenes have become increasingly popular over the years as game graphics improve and game developers focus on creating more realistic games. These are not sex video games but rather feature sex gameplay in the form that these are video games with sex scenes in them. If you have played a few modern triple-A games like GTA 5 or The Witcher, you have definitely already seen some games with sex in them.

During the confrontation between Johnny and Trevor, Trevor throws Johnny to the ground, smashes a bottle against his head, and stomps on his head while he is on the ground bleeding. Johnny ends up dying during the encounter.

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There is one other sex scene in GTA V during a side mission where a paparazzi asks you to stalk a female celebrity. He then proceeds to give you a sex tape of the celebrity. Fires At Midnight is a visual novel game with some sex scenes. You have different options that can unlock different scenes, however, in this specific scene in Episode 5 you can choose to put the girl away during a memory or make love to her.

The scene itself is relatively short, if you chose to make love to her during the memory, she will burst in flames and you will wake up in bed lying next to the girl.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order features some very detailed sex scenes between the main protagonist B. Blazkowicz and Anya. At first, they have sex on a train after you enter the cabin Anya is in with a tray of tea and milk.

Other scenes include Blazkowicz and Anya having rougher intercourse on a table in a room. These games with sex scenes sometimes add a human element to them, giving them a more realistic feeling whilst adding to the story. Check out the video above 21 minutes long of various scenes from Wolfenstein: The New Order and of course, a couple of sex scenes.

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Heavy Rain is one of the few games with interactive sex scenes. In this specific scene, you need to push a series of buttons to undress the other, kiss, and more. The sex scene between Ethan and Madison has been received with positive and negative feedback.

The worst sex scenes in games

Some players find it cringe and bad, whilst others love the scene. Overall the game developers did a great job in making it feel real.

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The sex scenes in Terminator Resistance are relatively easy to unlock. In Terminator Resistance you can unlock sex scenes with Baron as well as Jennifer. How do you have sex with Jennifer and Baron you ask?

Dragon age: origins – morrigan

You simply have to treat them nicely throughout the game and they will return the favor. You must also make sure that they stick around at the end of Terminator Resistance. Released way back in for the PS3 and XboxDragon Age: Inquisition way was ahead of its time when it comes to sex in video games.

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Ranging from male inquisitor sex scenes to female inquisitor sex scenes, and even same-sex sex scenes are part of Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you click the link above, you will find a whole playlist of every sex scene in Dragon Age: Inquisition, be warned, some videos are over an hour long!

9. dragon age: inquisition – cullen rutherford

The Mass Effect series has always been loaded with some steamy sex scenes. The interesting thing about the sex scenes in Mass Effect is that they could be between various species.

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Yes, you can have sex with an alien in Mass Effect. Mass Effect: Andromeda has some terrible facial expressions and animations but the sex scenes are still interesting and fun to watch. In the link above, you can watch the full videos of every romance scene in Mass Effect: Andromeda between various characters. Enjoy some sex scenes with Cora, Peebee, Suvi, and even some gay scenes.

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There are endless options in Andromeda for you to enjoy. Featuring a vast amount of nudity and sex scenes, The Witcher 3 makes these scenes very believable and real with great acting, animations, and a general feel to the game.

The Witcher 3 is a must-try game, and not just for the nudity but also for the amazing plot and story. The most memorable scene is when Geralt and Yennefer decide to do it on top of a unicorn see the video.

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Coming in hot at 2 is God of War. Throughout the series, you will see quite a lot of boobs in various scenes throughout the series. At one is non-other than CyberPunkas we all know already, the game is full of sex scenes. There are 4 fully romance-able characters Panam, Judy, Kerry, and Riverand various other sexual encounters to feast your eyes on.

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In CyberPunk you can change the size of your genitals to match your own desires and you can even visit tons of sex workers and Joytoys that unlock various sex scenes. The only downside right now of CyberPunk is that the game is littered with bugs, though those will likely be fixed over time and by then CyberPunk is bound to be an awesome game to explore. :.

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