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In Junkyard Simulator you play as owner of scrap yard, which with his own hands is trying to create the largest junkyard in the area.

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Looking for games that will start me with little or nothing in which le to greatness, whether it be a weak character growing powerful or a tycoon style thing. It's a solo and multiplayer 3rd person medieval fighting game. In the solo campaign you start very poor, and end up as the king of your own faction, owning a few cities, castles and villages.

Note that it's a sandbox game, so there isn't any defined objective and path. You may use diplomacy and force to reach the rank of vassal or even king, you can also be a successful merchant or a powerful bandit hunter. The Guild II if you're less inclined fo war, and more inclined for business.

You start with one simple business and X rival families, and must rise up and eliminate opponents to be the only notable family standing. You do this by running, upgrading, and expanding your businesses, taking over your enemys enterprises and get involved in politics and rising from being the village jailer, to being the freaking king or emperor. Your business options are limited to the education you choose when creating your first patri- or matriarch.

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But as you must also create children to take over, you can expand into other markets. There are at least 16 different business ventures if I remember correctly. You can be as shady or clean as you want, though shady tends to be more profitable in my experience, and money is power. It can feel like a steep learning curve, and there are some oddities sometimes. But the humor and atmosphere makes it a gem that I consistently return to every year.

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Two games that I think really encapsulate this feel is Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and the frequently recommended Mount and Blade: Warband. In both games you start out as pathetically weak, liable to be killed by a handful of bandits, wearing tattered cloth and probably dying of dysentery. By the end of both, you can stand your ground against the best of knights and toughest of brigands.

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The big difference between the two is quite simple: Are you a ruler or a warrior? That is more taken up by leading a band of men. Or maybe you strike out on your own, forging your own kingdom one castle at a time. If you prefer single combat, duels, and overcoming multiple opponents by yourself, then KCD is for you. Another thing that helps the rags-to-riches feel of KCD is the world around you.

You are in 14th century Bohemia, and you're a peasant son of a blacksmith. At first, you barely know which end to hold the sword by, you don't know how to skin an animal, how to pick a lock, hell, you don't even know how to read! However there are a few potential problems with KCD, First, it can be dreadfully slow to begin. The Prologue is 5 hours long, for example.

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And to be honest, it doesn't really speed up all too much. It's a very slow paced RPG, that prides itself on brutal realism.

You must eat, and sleep, you need to wash your clothes, and bathe if you want anybody to look at you with a hint of respect, you need to manage your inventory, repair your armour after every battle, and for god's sake, if you tell someone you'll meet them at a certain time, you be there. To me, these are actually plus points, I love the sense of realism, but I know it's not for everyone.

Pretty much the only problem I have with KCD, is the dreaded bugs. The devs have been pretty good on fixing bugs and adding a few improvements here and there, but there are still potentially game-breaking bugs out there. Quests that wont start or finish, saves breaking and a best rags games general graphics issues. I personally haven't really experienced many bugs, but your mileage may vary. Maybe a stupid suggestion bc most people have already played it in some capacity but reading your post instantly made me think Skyrim.

Crusader Kings 2. Well, you start as at least a noble, but through intrigue, diplomacy and war you can become emperor.

It has a great sense of progression as you claw your way to the top using any and I mean any way of seizing power. Stardew Valley! You start with a ratty old plot of land and turn it into your own custom farm.

Top 10 rags to riches stories in video games

You also start friendless in a new town but you can make friends until you can put your ificant other to work on your farm! If you love that, also give Kenshi a try. May be a meh sort of choice but I just finished beating kingdom hearts 1.

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Then again I hadn't played for 10 years or so and I chose one of the hardest paths on the hardest difficulty. So if you did beginner or normal it might not feel like that. So yeah that or Dying Light.

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That game does rags to riches very well in my opinion. Most rogue likes are really good for the weak to powerful. Risk of Rain lets you get stronger for as long as you want before fighting the final boss.

Seconding the Terraria recommendation too. You start off struggling to kill slimes and by the end you can one or two shot early game bosses. I immediately thought Terraria and Roguelike. Although, the term Roguelike has expanded in meaning these last two-three years.

Terraria is great because you can go Rags to Riches Alone or with friends. You start on a hostile alien planet with nothing except 8 iron plates, a stone furnace and a coal powered drill. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, welcome to Factorio. Sleep is no longer an option but you won't miss it anyway. Free demo available on steam. Warframe kinda. You go from 15 shots for level 10 to 1 shot for level Posted by 3 years ago.

[pc] wsib for a rags to riches sort of game?

Sort by: top suggested. Anyway, I've rambled on enough. Continue this thread. As others have said, Mount and Blade Warband. Literally, it's like you opened my head and gazed into my thoughts, plucked it, and posted in on this thread.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Seconding for most roguelikes.

All of the GTA games. More posts from the ShouldIbuythisgame community. Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good?

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Have you ever had just enough money for an indie game but didn't know whether it was worth buying? Have you ever asked yourself, "Should I buy this game? Created Jun 24, Top posts march 29th Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top.