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The pay for the servers. Vizzed has 3 TB worth of games and 1 TB worth of music. This site is free to use but the barely pay for the monthly server fees.

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The objective of the game is to breed a perfect monster. You can buy monsters in the shop and mate them with each other. You can then sell the offspring or use it for further breeding. Each monster has a of parameters that define its quality and, to a great extend, its price.

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Willkommen beim WoH Board. Ersteller KatsuLynx Erstellt am 21 Mai Vorherige 1 … Wechsle zu Seite. Erste Vorherige 19 von 20 Wechsle zu Seite.

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Irgendwie trigger ich einen Bug. Ab einem gewissen Punkt im Spiel kann ich keine Monster mehr verkaufen man kann auf Fulfil klicken, aber es passiert nichts. Dann macht das Spiel nicht mehr so recht Sinn. Hatte mir hier die aktuelle Verison runtergeladen.

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This game is much more better than it seems to be. It is a shame that they ended the project because of the drawer Well, but because wiki's list of breedable monsters is quite incomplete, I give you the full list of those I have found.

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Unlockable Seraph wont be listed, because it is not breedable in usual way. To get special monsters, you must unlock "Neoteny" and "Feral" trait in the settings and hope it appears somewhere for example thanks to stackable "Mutagenic" trait. Then, if you are lucky, you can inherit and combine traits through breeding. I have found quite funny that you can easily breed "Stallion" with "Chickadee", even though his dick is bigger than her body.

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I though that she would at least die or something, but she would not. Grif Ordensbruder. Entweder mit der.

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Exe oder wennst im Browser spielen willst die. SkyPlague Scriptor. Hab' mich scho' gefragt, warum es so lange keine Neuigkeiten oder Updates zu dem Spiel gibt. Aber eben las' ich auf deren Seite, dass das Spiel gecancelt wurde.

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Finne Novize. Heyja leider ,aber es gibt einen " Nachfolger" nennt sich Cloud Meadow.

So viel ich weis da der Inhaber der Rechte beteiligt. Evangelion Scriptor.

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Breeding Season 7. Actually I think it's an rather easy game and believe you can make it without, so if you're just uncertain - give it a shot!

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If you however just don't want to play it regular and focus more on the "result", i won't blame you, so here you go: unlocktrait. Events dumbgallerycode Shows the secret animation gallery. TYPE Add a monster of a given type. TYPE: catgirl, dickwolf, harpy, felf, melf, demon, stallion, holstaurus, mandrake, seraph, fluffdragon, swine, futaelf, futacatgirl, futaholstaurus, futaharpy, catguy, titwolf, taurus, demoness, mare, cockatiel, futatiwolf, futademoness, futamare, kittengirl, kittenboy, heiftaurus, vealtaurus, dickpup, titpup, melfling, felfling, lilim, foal, filly, chickadee, imp, budgie, titgirl, titguy, moloch, empusa, diredickwolf, diretitwolf, mustang, brumby, cockatrice, siren, milftaur, minotaur, primogem hairchange.

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STAT: sta, str, dex, cha, wil, fer, selevel, incestcount, happiness, newhearts, storedhearts, cfeed, maxfeed, sellable facechange. Are there any more projects from the authors of this game? Never played it, but it is said to be quit similar.

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Bherweg schrieb:. Hab's gespielt.

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Leider nein. Kommt nicht mal ansatzweise an das Original heran.

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