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I would like to continue with the series of articles presenting some of my favorite boardgames. Today there will be a special article — let me explain why. The second type of games was a complete novelty to me and I think to many other players these days — these were called Card Driven Games CDGs. I think this would be fair to bring the CDGs definition as cdg games can vary from interpretation to interpretation. Let me thus stipulate main characteristics — they sometimes are pretty broad but gives good understanding what we talk about:. And you can probably stipulate many more characteristics, but I hope that above set gives more or less comprehensive picture of that type of wargames.

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Banner des by Rachel Billingsley and Ken Kuhn SneakPeeks Note: Unless otherwise noted, all samples below are from playtest graphics, not final game art.

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GMT Games claims no copyright on these images. Newman Alan R. Cuyler Stephen R. CDG Solo System.

Card driven games (cdgs) – my 3 favorite

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This method of play increases narrative immersion as the great battles of history unfold on your tabletop. Gameplay Overview The CDG Solo System plays alongside your favorite CDG and is deed to enhance your solitaire experience by reintroducing many of the best parts of wargaming that fall apart in standard two-handed play, namely, as Stuka Joe mentioned above, the narrative flow and the fog of war.

At the beginning of each Side's turn, you will roll a Fate Die to determine which of the cards in one or more of the slots are available for play.

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Typically 2 or 3 cards are available at a time, but the final decision is ultimately yours. Prototype in Play. Because the turn to turn maintenance level is so low, the rhythm of play quickly becomes second nature and allows for the game to shine.

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This combined with the Fate Die dictating which slots are available each turn effectively reinstates a reasonable degree of uncertainty and allows the player to focus on the options for the active side, instead of falling victim to the mental strain of trying to take every card into consideration while also pretending to not know what the other side is planning to do. Finally, the system allows for an element of surprise.

Top 5 non-cdg wargames (hamtag)

Every once in a while, the perfect strategy hangs in the balance as the die rolls. Whether things look grim until the die roll flips the perfect card or everything feels like it's falling perfectly in line until the card slot you need isn't rolledthe CDG Solo System reintroduces the fog of war to solitaire CDG wargaming.

The moments that don't go as planned make for the best stories. These include a diagram of set-up, a listing of die result rulings, and modifications to the system that are necessary to meet the demands of unique game rules.

Finally, we recognize that the CDG Solo System was a community effort and want to give back to the community that developed this system. So, GMT will make the rulebook, playsheets, and all needed files available as a free Print-and-Play download when the system is sent to the printer. Only registered customers can rate.

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