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There is nothing quite like the unbridled joy of life on the open sea and the variety of games on offer just adds to the fun. Guests on Queen Elizabeth can take advantage of her refined Games Deck, unique in our fleet, where paddle tennis, croquet or bowls may tempt you. Golfers can practice their swing in the nets on Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth.

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Games on cruise ships have come a long way since the days of shuffleboard and Canasta.

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Play your cards right, and you could even win a free cruise. All your favorite board games from your childhood come to life on Carnival ships, and you can play them in front of a live audience. The colorful twists on the classic games include sliding giant Sorry pawns across a board, bowling down oversized dice in Yahtzee, and shooting a ball into a giant Connect 4 board.

The details: There is no extra cost to play the games, and the grand prize is usually a full set of Hasbro games. You and 14 other passengers will have one hour to work together to solve a series of clues in order to escape a locked room.

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Check out our video to get a sneak peek at what the game is really like. The details: The game is free and all ages are welcome, though younger kids may not have the patience or knowledge to really participate.

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Harmony of the Seas even has a dedicated room for the activity. These games aren't really about the prizes usually RedFrog swagbut are all about having fun and a few laughs. Plus, you'll get to try all of the beers that are brewed right on board — a little too quickly, if you aren't careful.

No, it's not the cool waterslide or even free drinks that all those people are lined up for. It's bingo. This is one of the most popular events on the high seas — and for good reason. The stakes are high.

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There are full-sized lanes on Norwegian and MSC ships where you can knock down pins just like you would on land, but with the extra challenge of finding your balance on a moving ship. There are bridge-themed sailings on lines such as Crystal CruisesOceaniaand Silversea Cruises with twice-daily tournaments and lectures from members of the American Contract Bridge League. The details: Both the games and instruction by ACBL members are complimentary on the special sailings.

Several lines organize ship-wide scavenger hunts for all ages. Others are a little more You might be asked to put lipstick — or a bra — on a stranger. The details: There's no extra cost to participate in the scavenger hunts on board.

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It follows the same format, with each member of the couple answering questions and then comparing responses — with the inevitable laughs at all of the mismatched answers. Picture an afternoon of mini golf with the family, putting your way around windmills and treasure chests. The details: You can play rounds of mini golf at no additional cost on many family-friendly cruise lines, including Carnival, Norwegian, Princessand Royal Caribbean. Trivia nights are popular on many lines, but we found the competition on Cunard to be the most fun — and the most challenging.

Discover your new favourites.

This doesn't deter cruisers. The veddy British trivia subjects range from Bond movies to Shakespeare quotes.

If you fall short, you can drown your sorrows in pints of bitters as well as the pub's excellent chicken tikka masala and classic fish and chips. The details: There is not additional charge to participate in quiz night on Cunard. The 10 Best Games on Cruise Ships.

Hasbro, The Game Show. Puzzle Break.

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Beer Pong. The details: You must be 21 or older to play.

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Scavenger Hunts. The details: The winning couple leaves with a bottle of Champagne. Mini Golf. Quiz Night.

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Cruise ship games to play during your cruise vacation

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