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But their relationship is no longer the sa Torrid Tales — Version 0. So whats it about you ask, Wi

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Lewd ninja.

Name: Ardelis
What is my age: 26
What is my nationaly: Latvian
Sexual identity: Hetero
Color of my iris: I’ve got dark green eyes
Gender: Lady
I speak: English, Arabic
What is my favourite music: I prefer to listen reggae
Body tattoos: None

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Then 12 pieces with a short purple haired ahegao chick being fucked through her string bikini near the pool by a young man. Then 12 pieces again with a light brown haired ahegao woman fully naked doggy style with her boobs swaying gently as she gets thrusted from a front facial view. Then 20 pieces of a long black haired ahegao chick with exposed big swaying boobs as her gets pounded from behind leaned over with her arm pulled back by a business man.

Then another 20 piece puzzle of a strange sad cuckold picture with a dude in a black business suit holding his tiny dick while a chunky bastard fucks this sweet blonde haired chick with pig tails on a couch fully naked in front of him. She has a content happy face. Like some other couples, my husband started to loose his sexual interest in me. He took on a second job, and I was often left alone in the evenings. The times we were together, he always seemed to find an excuse not to have sex with me.

In the beginning I was very frustrated and tried just about everything to cuckold flash game him into our bed, but finally I grew accustomed to this lifestyle, and I learned to live with it. At work I had a colleague who over the times became a good friend. We talked a lot and she seemed to have the same problem, her husband being a successful businessman, being away from home very often. We found that we shared the same interests and.

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Inn wintertime, the tennis courts are closed, so we decided to go to a fitness club to keep in shape. I let my friend talk m e in to fit a black body suit. It seemed to me I never would fit into it, but she insisted on me trying it on as she was going to fit the same model in white, we disappeared in the fitting rooms at the back of the store.

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As I still was trying to get into it, my friend suddenly pushed her head in and asked me to look her over. She commented I looked very sexy and came in with me. I am of a shy nature and I hesitated to turn around when she asked me so. Her tall naked legs ended up to where the bodysuit merely covered her small shaven vagina. We both kept silent for a moment, not trying to show our excitement. With a little tremble in my voice I told her she looked magnificent and asked her to turn around. Doing so,it was like an electric shock, running from the tips of my fingers down to my already moist pussy when I caressed her soft skin.

Do you think we should buy these? She slowly turned to me and with a naughty grin on her face she replied : I even think it still covers too much! Here let me help you, she sad. Gently, she moved the straps of my bra down which I had kept on. You see, that already looks a lot better, she sad. She slid her hands down and cuckold flash game the sides of my shorts.

Gently she started pulling them up, sliding back and forth over the edges and I felt her fingertips slightly touch the sides of my vagina. I sensed the warmth of her glowing body against mine as we were loosing ourselves, surrendering to each other. We immediately took off to the gym. Since this was our first visit, she showed us around and offered us a drink at the bar. After a few glasses of wine we went to put on our new outfits. I still was feeling very horny.

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We entered a big room, in the center stood a long row of lockers, deed as a community dresser, were at the sides were a of private cabins. Are you? She obviously made no problem out of it and quickly undressed completely, were I still, slowly took of my clothes, trying to hide my body as much I could.

After I dropped my bra and shorts I wanted to step quickly into mine, but somehow I stumbled and fell on the ground completely naked and embarrassed. She came running towards me and tried to help me back on my feet. So there I was, naked and helpless, flat-out on my back.

My friend kneeled beside me, her voluptuous breasts hanging over my face, wiggling her soft round nipples just a few inches away from my mouth. She was so surprised, she screamed, but did nothing to avoid my lips touching her wet mouth. Our lips started caressing and she gradually pushed her tongue into my mouth. Just like mine, I could feel her dripping hot vaginal juices on my legs while I rubbed her cunt with my leg. We moved our tits to press hard against each others, exciting us, feeling our trembling, hot bodies together. Then we slowly got up. As we stood facing each other, my friend placed her mouth deep into my neck and I sensed her hot horny breath.

She took my hand and led it down to her slimy hot pussy. For a while she guided my hand up and down her cunt, then she selected one finger and made me enter her, forcing my finger in, deeper and deeper. She slightly bend her knees and made me press on her hard round ass, while she moved it back and forth. I felt my finger slide in cuckold flash game out inside her hot lustful vagina, while she moaned of pleasure and excitement. Turning our bodies made our nipples touch.

I was so aroused and hot I on my turn took her hand and impatiently slid her fingers into my red hot vulva. I pulled back on her hair, and once again we licked and kissed, running our tongues in each others mouths Our hips and asses began to push faster and harder, fingering our clits. Smiling, sweetly kissing each other, caressing each others face, cuckold flash game suddenly were disturbed by a bunch of teens and their teacher, entering the room.

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Surprised and embarrassed, we jumped up and grabbed to whatever clothing was in our reach. The kids and their teacher though, paid no attention to us, and they all started undressing. We put on our outfit and made our way to the fitness room.

My friend positioned herself opposite to me on her back and started exercising. She opened her legs wide, lifting her knees. The bodysuit crimped down her vagina, revealing just a little bit more of her delightful small, shaven pussy Every move, made the cloth press harder and deeper onto her small swollen clit. I stood over her, watching her excitement, intoxicating me,to the point I started pulling up the cloth of my suit as high as possible between my legs.

I could feel my tits wanting to pop out of my skin and my nipples became rock hard We both looked at each other and without speaking, made our way back to the dressing room, passing the kids in the hallway. We jumped into our clothes and headed towards my house, were we spent all afternoon and night, naked, making love till cuckold flash game.

Although we do not consider ourselves as lesbians, we since then practically live together. Our husbands do not seem to mind at all.

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It even suits them fine this way we think, they regained some of their liberties back, coming and going as they please. For most of the time now my friend stays over at my house, since her husband is mostly away at night to. Oh yes, occasionally I let him fuck me, and I must say, on the rare occasions he feels like it I still enjoy his warm dick in my pussy.

My friends husband though rarely comes home. I caught my husband often to peep in on us while we are together, he says it has always been one of his fantasies. Interesting old style cartoon hentai flash game. But should I really call it that?

Then the mickey character gets home and beats the shit out of him. He escapes then gets his ass kicked by Donald Duck because hes been fucking his wife Diasy. Pretty intense drama here kids, better watch out. For now check out the home. Main menu Skip to primary content.

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Skip to secondary content. Hentai Puzzle 18 Hentai Puzzle and Quiz Sex Games 6 pieces of a black haired chick with her boobs exposed out of her light purple frilly top bouncing on dick in her twat wither her short back skirt and gold belt on.

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You need to use Chrome or Brave browser and you need to install the extension, which you can do below! We found that we shared the same interests and decided to become members of the local tennis club. At first we went to a sports store to buy some proper clothing.

We took an afternoon of and drove out to the shop. Gently, she moved the straps of my bra down which I had kept on You see, that already looks a lot better, she sad. Gently she started pulling them up, sliding back and forth over the edges and I felt her fingertips slightly touch the sides of my vagina I sensed the warmth of her glowing body against mine as we were loosing ourselves, surrendering to each other.

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