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Cunt-Soul is an adaptation of Fuck Brains which is itself an adaptation of the popular game Shit Head. It can be played with up to 4 players more if you use multiple decks. The game is played with a full 54 card deck i. The dealer deals each player three face down cards and nine cards for their hands, the remainder of the cards are placed between the face down cards as the source pile. See below:. In Cunt Soul, all cards have a syntactic value and a semantic value. The syntactic value is the value as displayed on the card, e. By default, the semantic value is the syntactic value, however a card may have its semantic value altered as a result of the mechanics of the game.

In some situations, a card may get a special semantic value: table. Each player selects three cards from their hands which will be placed face up and one card which will be face up next to their face up cunt game as their field card.

(closed) we’re giving away 6 copies of who’s the cunt? your new favourite board game

Once everyone has placed these cards, they are turn face up. The player to the left of the dealer then begins their turn and play continues clockwise. Multiple cards of the same syntactic value can be played at once. Generally, links played must have a syntactic value greater than or equal cunt game the semantic value ofthough many cad values have the ability to affect this.

When there are no cards in the discard pile, a link of any value can be played. If a player has no valid cards to play, they must pick up the enitire discard pile; play then s with the next player. Once the source pile has been exhausted, players no longer relpenish their hand.

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When a player then uses up all the cards in their hand, they may start playing their face up cards as if they were cards in their hand in any other. However, if at any time they cannot play, they must pick up the whole discard pile into their hand, and use up its cards before they can regain access to their face up cards. Once a player has used all their face up cards, cunt game may then play their face down cards. If it is revealed on playing a face down card that that card is not valid, then the player who played that card must pick up the entire discard pile along with the played card.

Finally, once a player has played all their face down cards, they take their field card into their hand, which may be played as normal.

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The same does not apply to links however. Under certain conditions, the discard pile gets burned.

Who's the cunt? game

In this situation, whole discard pile is taken out of the game. Although there is no obligation to change field cards, players may wish to change the flow of the game in order to react to being behind or if a player is particularly far in front, or just to try and gain some advantage in the confusion.

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A player wishing to change their field card may do so providing they have not changed field card more than three times prior to this occasion and that the source pile still exists. A player aiming to change their field card does so at the start of their turn; they swap their current field card for one in their hand.

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Note: it must be done in this order. Note that when a player has played all their face down cards and picks up their field card, the field card ability ends at the end of their turn. Each link has a special ability. Initially, this special ability is determined by its syntactic value, as given in the following table. There is one non card specific effect: whenever four cards of the same syntactic value are played consecutively, they burn.

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Since Joker s act retroactively, paradoxes can arise. This situation causes the discard pile to burn, as above. Cunt game values for which this situation arises are: 8QJ when the person chosen by the J -placer would not normally be nextK in games of more than two people6 if the 6 is played on a card of higher semantic value. The fact that Joker s act retroactively also has other concequences. When a Joker is played on a 4 which has been used to start a run, the player who played the 4 and the run must pick up the whole run excluding the 4. When a Joker is played on a 5 that was used to swap a card, the player who played the 5 and swapped must swap back.

As well as each value having an ability it also has a field ability.

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This is a global effect to all players whilst it is in play. The field cards have been deed such that they change the flow of the game dramatically; as such, in order to swap, each player must sacrifice their effectiveness in the later game.

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For more details on field cards, please see the section on changing field cards. Note that if a 6 and at least one A are chosen as the initial field cards, then the effect of the 6 preceeds that of the A. That is, the top card of the source pile should be revealed, then each player should take more cards as appropriate.

(closed) we’re giving away 6 copies of who’s the cunt? your new favourite board game

Some card and field abilities will have no effect in two player games, for example, when a J is played, either as card or in field position, the effect cannot come into play as a player cannot choose themselves to be the next person to play. Similarly the K as a card has no effect in a two player game. The original rules can be found here.

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You can contact Sam at me samadamday. The lastest source can be found at Github. Allows the player to extend the current chain by playing a run of links from the 4 up to at least up to 6. Allows the player to swap any one card in their hand with one of their face up cards, if they want. Note that a horizontal face up card must be replaced by a horizontal face up card.

The official rules of the card game: cunt-soul

When cunt game, its semantic value of the link becomes the semantic value of cunt game link and then the game proceeds as it had been its semantic value; for example, when playing a 6 on 5the semantic value of the 6 becomes the semantic value of the 5 —that is, a 5 —and then the player who played the 6 can swap with a face up card, as per the ability of the 5.

Note, when a 6 is played as the first link in the discard pile, it gets the special semantic value of table. The player decides whether the following player must play higher or lower in syntactic value than 7. The player must extend the current chain by playing another link after playing the Q but it must be able to be played on a Q : if they cannot do so, they must pick up the discard pile.

High card; if a player plays on an ace they must pick up additional cards equal to the of aces in the link. Cancels the power of the link, and its semantic value becomes the syntactic value of the card. Can be played on absolutley any value including a 3. Joker s act retroactively, and as such may give rise to paradoxes see below. Like the 6when the Joker is played as the first card in the discard pile, it gets the special semantic value of table. Whenever three cards of the same syntactic value appear consecutively in the discard pile, their semantic value becomes 3which then act in accordance with the ability of the 3.

Technically speaking, the link which contains each of the cards gets semantic value 3.

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The source pile is flipped up-side down. Players now draw from the face-up side; as such every other player can see what they draw. Each player decides whether the next player must play higher or lower than the semantic value of the link played though playing a link of the same syntactic value is always allowed. Note: this beats the ability of the 9 : e.

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Also, all other values may be regarded as both higher and lower than the special semantic value table. With regards to card abilities, all links now contain twice as many cards; e. When cards are burned they are added to the bottom of the source pile, if it exists otherwise they burn normally. This affects the burning of face up cards when changing field cards. Warning: if a 10 is played as the last possible field card so all players have their face up cards horizontalthen it will probably take a long time to finish the game, since it cunt game no longer possible for cards to leave the game by burning; do this with caution!

This does not override normal cards, e. Changes the orientation of play e. This also affects the 4 : runs now go in reverse.