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What is the first thing that pops to your mind when you hear the title of the porn game Cunt Wars? If you are like me, some pretty orgasmic expectations might occur to you, too.

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Video Playthrough By HornyToonDog: Cunt Wars Guide The main goal of this game is to collect cards that represent players and upgrades and using them against other players.

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Every time you land a win you gain more fame points which advance you into higher leagues where you have the opportunity to face stronger opponents. As soon as you have ed a guild you are given access to turf war mini games against other guilds and the bosses of them.

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The game is playable on Nutaku. The Tutorial Is Important - I recommend you pay attention during the tutorial as it is very valuable in regards to introducing you to the basics of this game and what it is all about - Learn the basics about the fight system.

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Each has it's own unique traits and set of rewards that also carry unique implications for the game as a whole. Learning these locations, modes, and rewards will help to improve your strategy as far as learning where to focus and when. Here we have brought all of the important info about this awesome PVP adult gaming experience and centralized it into on spot for your easy access.

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Use the info above to dominate and become infamous in Chick Wars. Check out the review for My thoughts on the game as a whole.

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Tweet Blog Reddit. Dark Tower mode let's you play mini tournaments battling other players to see just how strong your collection really is. After you pay a fee, which is priced depending on your maximum league level, You engage in many battles against the AI until you win either seven times or lose three times.

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Starting players are random for every match. Once you have either won seven times and or lost three times, you will receive chests according to how many wins you were able to manage.

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The amount of cards within each chest is dependent on your current league level. Click this icon to access a turf war.

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