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Up to challenging levels of hidden object awaits you, and each one requires the finding of hidden objects and completion of the puzzles to unlock further. This time, the game takes place in a fascinating school of roomswhere your goal is to find objects by merely tapping on the screen and use them to unlock the doors. The first level starts with an introduction and tutorial on how to find objects to locate the key.

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Subscriber active since. If you're struggling to get through the very early stages of the game, here's a quick walkthrough of the first ten levels. The simplest puzzle you'll face in the game, all you have to do here is tap on the door handle to make it through to the next room. We think the game might be trying tell you something with this one

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Such is the scenario that The Doors drops you into when this point-and-click adventure game begins. Simply click on an object to examine it, or to pick it up. Use the objects you find to solve puzzles, some by dragging them from their place in the inventory back onto the game scene.

Click on doors to open them. There are plenty of doors to open, plenty of objects to find, and plenty of puzzles to solve.

Doors and rooms 2

The Doors is a well-made game with pleasing Flash graphics and a moody soundtrack. The game is not easy, though it certainly is possible to finish. And, if you persevere and stick with it, you will be rewarded with an excellent ending. As with most games of this type, clicking is good. Play The Doors. First off, the radio is a decoy.

It doesn't work no matter what you do. Oh, and you use the little red arrows on the bottom left and right of the screen to look around, and click ahead of you to move forward. Then move back where you started and look to your left.

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Click on the lower-left corner of the radiator and pick up a small piece there. Now turn around and look at the portrait on the wall. Sticking up between the floorboards at the lower right of the screen is the first part of the letter.

Now, turn around to face the radio. Then turn left, and click on the door on the right of the radiator if you get mixed up and face the wrong radiator, just remember, the open door is one that is NOT shown on the card you now have. First, move forward towards the coatrack.

The doors cheats, codes, hints and walkthroughs for pc games.

Click just to the left of the wrist on the coat to make it raise up and reveal another piece of the letter sticking out of its pocket. Turn to your left and look at the couch.

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Turn one to your left again, so that you are looking at the couch diagonally, and click the cushion nearest to you to reveal another card. Now, go left again and look at the TV and phone. Click on the phone to zoom in and get another piece.

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Move left again so you can see the lamp, TV and fireplace. Click on the lower left of the fireplace to get the last piece. Watch as they form a box.

Now, turn back to face the coat rack and the door leading to the next room. You see those two wooden things sticking out from the wall on the left side of the door? Drag the box you just made into it, and the door will open. Then, open the bottom drawer of the file cabinet beside the desk, and take out the medical report.

Doors & rooms cheats and tips

Look at it. Note that the time is highlighted. Turn to your right and look for a purple book on the far end of the second shelf from the top. Take the card from between its s. Now, turn to your right twice, until you see the lamp next to the door.

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If you go through the door now, you'll wind up in the same room over and over again. Instead, click on the bottom of the lamp and take the card out from beneath it.

Then turn to your left so the clock is on the right side of the screen. Turn the short hand towards the 6 making the timethe time noted on the medical file. The clock's base will open and reveal another box.

Doors and rooms

Now, turn back to your right and look at the door. Drag the new box to that indentation beside the door, just like in the last room. Then go through the door into room 3. The room is upside down. Turn to your left twice, until you see a picture on the floor. Take that picture. Move towards the portrait, up close to it, and click on it to open it and reveal a keypad.

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It looks like a telephone keypad, so spell out the word like you would on a phone. The safe will open and you will get the box for room 3. Now, go back to room 3. The room is rightside up now, doors game cheats before using the box, move towards the bed. First, click on the nightstand by the bed and take the 4th piece of the letter from the cupboard in there. Then zoom out and click on the pillow on the bed this time to zoom in on the bed.

Click the pillow again to make it lift up you may need to click it a few times before it finally doesand take the card. Then, zoom out and turn to your left. Look at the large wardrobe. Click under it to see the square lock for this room. Drag the box into it, then zoom out and click on the doors of the wardrobe to head into room 4. First, look at the white rack on the right of the screen where you came in.

Dooors walkthrough

Click on the second shelf from the bottom, on the right side the shelf that's only half-visible to get the last card. Now, zoom out and turn to your right, twice. You should see an array of stark white cupboards and shelves.

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Click on the open doors of one cupboard to close it, then click on the shelves between it and the other closed cupboard right in the middle of the screen. Click on the second shelf from the bottom to zoom in, and then pick up the gray cross shape the open box. Now here's the fun part. You click on the open box in your inventory, and before you click on anything else, you take the cards and drag them onto the s of the box NOTE: This takes practice. If you click on a card without dragging it, the box will go back in your inventory and you'll have to start over.

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So hold down that mouse button as you drag them! Now, as for which card goes on whichyou should pay attention to the symbol on the door for each room.

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Head back to room 0 if you must and take note of which door le to which room. Then drag that card onto the corresponding room. And 5 is the door that you can't yet go through in this room. If you can't keep track of it all, here are a list of what card goes where, sorted by the color of the diamond on the card.

After that, Turn to your left until you're looking at the door with the circle on it the symbol on card 5.

Drag the box you've just created to the "lock" right beside the door, and go through. Head up the stairs until you arrive at a double doors with the middle part of the note taped on it. Click on the diamond-shaped piece of paper doors game cheats obtain it, and once it's in your inventory, click on it again to assemble the letter.

After you read it, just one more click, anywhere on the screen, and Posted by: Sylocat May 28, PM. I have picked up the first piece in the hall, and all of the pieces in room 1, but I am now at an impasse. I have tried combining pieces, but nothing seems to happen. I have also tried using pieces on room objects though admittedly not all of them.

Any suggestions or hints? Nevermind, I got it. I can't remember which one, but I remember that Riker had a similar experience.

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I saw in the picture you posted that you got into a differnt room that the first one, so i was wondering if you could give a hint as to how you did it. Emma - click on the large tall doors. There are 4 of them in the 1st room, and one of them will take you to the 2nd room without having to find anything. Just click on the door. Well I got all the way to trying to figure out which order to put the cards on the box

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