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Recently, a visitor requested information about spanking games for adults to play. Here are some suggestions, some of these have been tried at Spankoz parties, others are just ideas. Update on Smackdown vs Raw!

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It's funny to think back about how this game all started. Well, it's not really a game, per se, but that's how we describe it; the spanking game.

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Or maybe you just want to be dared.

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The Random Porn button can be used for a "do something you find on the internet" dare. Spin the Bottle - dare version - three to twelve people. Spanking Poker - poker played with chips that have value as spanks.

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Vixen - a sex game for 3 to 8 players. In Vixen, you draw cards that describe sex acts of many different kinds. There is a small forfeit for not doing what's on the card. This game is about finding out what your friends are willing to do. Spank the Bones - a dice game. For 2 to 16 players. Sent to me by "Karen. Russian Woodshed Roulette is a spanking game for about four to ten people. One person gets a big spanking. The suspense as you turn over the cards may not equal ordinary Russian Roulette, but it can be exciting.

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Doctor - a spanking game for about six people, or more. It is a game of asking silly questions about sex and spanking.

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Hard Target - based on an Italian forfeit game. La Main Chaude Hot Cockles - a game of recognizing who is spanking.

Aloha tube - sex videos updated every 5 minutes.

Birthday Spankings - a spanking party activity based on tradition. Naked Sardines - a game of getting naked in tight spaces. Betting Spanks - nothing required but a paddle and a difference of opinion.

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Double or Nothing - a game of nerve. For two people. Seven Minutes of Heaven - a game for time in the closet. Spin the Bottle - kissing version - three to twelve people. SlowPoker - a method of giving a slow, random spanking. There's a lot of suspense as each card is turned over.

Here are some visitor suggestions:

Translation, please - If you know a language other than English, please help this site by translating three sentences. How to get women to play strip poker - not that I know how, but here are 15 ideas. Please donate images - Do you have pictures that would illustrate game outcomes such as kissing, stripping above the waist, getting a paddle spanking, etc.? Will you share them? I won't show any identifying marks, and they will be used for small graphics only. Didn't find what you were looking for?

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Poker shuffle and deal - Could be used for strip poker I prefer real cards, myself. Dice Roll program - Could be used for various games not for money. A bottle to spin - Could be used for various games not for money. Spanking Calculator - Can be used to spankify any game with a point score.

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The origin of Pop! Goes the Weasel - it was a kissing dance before it was a rhyme. Adult Party Games, a Yahoo forum - This forum, moderated by me, can be used to look for game players near you, or for any discussion of spanking and other sex games. Powered by RingSurf!

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Because the ring is adult and they don't know you are a grown-up, WebRing will deny they've even heard of such a ring! My link sections for individual games includes links to stories featuring the games :. The webmaster has graciously allowed me the use of the name for my game "Russian Woodshed Roulette," and provided the Russian translation.

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Strip Poker pictures and stories you will need a Yahoo IDwhich is free, to read this discussion group TorDol Truth or Dare online, another Yahoo discussion group Kinky Almanac Archive - nice link to me, and a good game, too. I have a with notes for erotica webmasterswith a section on search engine optimization. David Nunes da Silva. Lithuanian visitors please .

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Are you interested in making friends for erotic games or spanking parties? If someone else near you writes, I can pass your messages to each other. This would not be for finding a romantic partner, nor a partner for a two-person spanking session other sites would be much better for that. This is about erotic spanking games group of friends who play games including nudity, kissing, tickling, and spanking. If you are interested in making new friends, who would also like that sort of play, please drop me a line.

I need only your e-mail, your city, and your permission to pass your message on. Note: Nothing much is likely to come of this, as my little site gets only visitors on an average day. I will not sell your e-mail address, or pass it on except to other people near you who submit this form or post to the Adult Party Games forum ; I will not send you any mail except a reply and messages from people near you.

Selected links for the complete links. Please go here. Want a link? Send me your URL. Reciprocation is not required but it sure is appreciated.

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Translation stuff please ignore : My name : David Nunes da Silva Description : Sex and spanking games for naughty parties ; game rules for spin the bottle, truth or dare, strip poker, and other sex games. Free Paysite Passwords! To game: Select a . Spanking and Sex Games - for naughty parties.

Please be careful - if you do anything dangerous, don't say I told you to. The rules of these games don't allow dangerous dares, but if someone dares you to do something dangerous anyway, you can always refuse. No game rules can make you do anything. If you like spanking, you are not alone it's very common, actuallybut please be careful who you play with.

Spanking - flash sex games

If you are doing something with an older person you can't talk to outsiders about, don't do it. Most cases of sexual abuse of minors are by a family member or a family friend. If you are uncertain of what to do, talk! Knowledge is power. Try a forum on ScarletTeen.

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Or Livewire teen. From e-mail:.

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David Nunes da Silva - sneak. Find friends for erotic game parties.

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Send if you agree that your message, including your e-mail address, may be passed on to selected persons near you. This Erotic Spanking Ring site owned by Sex and spanking party games. Would you like to this ring? This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit Here. The best spanking and discipline sites. Search The Fetish Hound, you perv. Search for:. Adult Games. Adult Spanking Directory.