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The New Paper did an amazing report on the decade long struggle NUS have had with sexualised camp games. The report concluded that a decade on, nothing much had changed, if anything, things had gotten worse.

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A mother posed as her own year-old daughter to catch out a man trying to lure the teenager into playing "sex and slave" games. Kelly Carberry became worried when she spotted a message on her daughter's Facebook saying "do you promise to keep your mouth closed about what is said on here". The mother, who said she had decided to check her daughter Chloe-Marie's for the first time, went along with the conversation to find out what the stranger wanted from the schoolgirl.

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Parent Zone provides information, help, advice, support and resources to parents, teachers, health professionals, police officers, internet safety officers and HR professionals - anyone who engages with parents. Game streaming is a big deal.

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Social media giant Facebook is not one to miss out on a trend, and launched its own game-streaming platform a couple of years ago, in the form of the aptly named Facebook Gaming. Although it arrived to little fanfare, it is now the fourth-biggest service in the streaming landscape and also the fastest-growing — boasting a per cent increase in hours watched in The standalone app gives users the chance to stream themselves and watch their favourite streamers battle it out on the most popular games, independently from the main social media platform.

Whereas anyone can access the browser version of Facebook Gaming, you need a Facebook to use the app.

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Anyone with a gaming — so established streamers who appear in search — can be followed without needing permission. One of the features that makes Facebook Gaming stand out from competitors such as Twitch and Mixer is how easy it is to start your own stream.

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Typically, you would need to use Open Broadcaster Software OBS to get started; this is a free program for video recording and livestreaming, which you have to download separately. The app is intuitive, easy to navigate and is a great tool for users to delve deeper into their gaming interest. If you want to find out more about the risks of livestreaming, be sure to check out our parent guide.

Game streamers suspended on twitch and facebook move to youtube

Explain to them how streaming is different from, say, YouTube videos. Ask them to also think critically about what they see in streams. Facebook Gaming is free to use, but many streamers will try to incentivise their viewers to make a donation to support their work.

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Lastly, make sure they know how to report a video or livestream if they spot inappropriate content. Help us develop more quality content by telling us if this was helpful. Despite only launching inTikTok has enjoyed a dramatic rise to become one of the most popular social media apps on the planet. Adelin Cai and Clara Tsao, co-founders of the Trust and Safety Professional Association, explain how content moderation works and how the process is working to keep children safer online.

Contributor This article was contributed by Parent Zone Parent Zone provides information, help, advice, support and resources to parents, teachers, health professionals, police officers, internet safety officers and HR professionals - anyone who engages with parents.

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What is Facebook Gaming? How does Facebook Gaming work?

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With that done, you can jump straight into any livestream or start one yourself. Is Facebook Gaming any good?

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What are the potential risks? The icon is always at the top of the and in the bottom-right corner as you scroll, making it easy to hit by mistake. Hard to moderate: Anything can happen in real time, so streams are extremely difficult to moderate and children and young people are sometimes exposed to inappropriate language or hate speech.

Many popular streamers have human moderators going through the comments as they are posted, but moderation happens after the fact.

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By the time the moderators remove an abusive or harmful comment, the damage could already have been done. How can I help my child be safe when streaming?

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Did you find this article useful? Yes, it was helpful Share this article Facebook Twitter. Games, apps and tech. Expert tips and advice to support your child with their interest in gaming.

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