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Hey everyone! If you have the time, please vote for Zeto and help me support my dear friend on this twitch channel.

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Hello everyone! I'm finally done with the alpha version of Rick and Morty. Like I mentioned before, this will not be like my other games. I'll be working on this and release it bit by bit over time, since it's very likely going to be a huge game.

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Hey guys! I'm also going to put a file in the FAQ that could help if you have some installation issues.

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. New Season! Rick and Morty season 5 is finally out! I think it was a great episode riddled with crazy, quirkyunexpected moments.

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When I first watched the trailerI thought I wouldn't like Mr Nimbus but I actually like the direction they took that character in. He was very fun to watch.

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What did you guys think? Hey everyone patch 3. The patch has 4 events, to trigger them you have to -Talk to Beth during night.

Since a lot of you asked for it, I have added the option to skip text in the mindblowers. Just press ESC to skip through.

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Quick warning, skipping sometimes breaks the animations and the game, so very likely because of it I will not be adding this feature to the game itself, only in mindblowers. Quick walkthrough: -Drink the purple little potion in the garage. Supernova Fun imes.

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Happy New Year! Hey everyone! I wish you all to achieve your dreams and goals, stay healthy and stay awesome! Posting patch 2.

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I've just finished posting patch 2. Hope you all enjoy it! Stay awesome!

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