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Fuck this for a game of soldiers, I hunting for lady that loves fuck this for a game of soldiers

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A distinctly British Cockney phrase, "bugger this for a game of soldiers" is the idiomatic equivalent of "screw it", "fuck it", or "stuff it. While children playing "a game of soldiers " might seem fun and carefree, if they were being forced to play soldiers for real they might think otherwise.

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Thus there is a subtle undercurrent that the situation has escalated from a harmless one to one more fraught with peril. It may also have ramifications about the pointlessness of things when dealing with legitimately necessary work - the menial task of cleaning up ren's room, for example, knowing full well the room will just be messed up again.

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The similar phrase "blow this for a lark" "a lark " being slang for something as frivolous and irrelevant as a "game of soldiers" is perhaps most famous for its use in Terry Pratchett 's Discworld series of fantasy novels, along with his other short stories in various forms. Other variations include "sod this for a game of soldiers", "fop this for a game of soldiers", "I don't fancy this for a game of soldiers," "fuck this for a game of soldiers", and "blow this for a game of soldiers.

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Thanks to BlueDragonkalenascorbicand Demeter for giving me some context, and Zerotime and avalyn for knowing their Pratchett. And now the lot of you sod off, I'm tired of updating this node!

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I like it! Bugger this for a game of soldiers.

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Well that's just, like, your opinion, man. Fri Oct 10 at Bush Administration Iraq Timeline. The Buggre Alle This Bible.

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The flame to end all flames. I know what holds up traffic - in 5 words!

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Guide to determining if you are constantly being mauled by bears. My name is Samuel Hall.

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Editor Log: April A rousing game of Mornington Crescent.