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Furry vr games, Swiss lady pick furry vr games for flirtbook

Up for some virtual reality dragon yiff?

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Edef and Wiah Ana Valens. Patreon is no stranger to furry porn games. Heat is a single-player VR porn game that lets users hook up with a variety of anthropomorphic creatures through direct, first-person contact.

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The game, which is in active development, currently lets players fool around with two furry characters: Emerson the dragon and Hera the dragoness. Not unlike VR games like Captain Hardcore and The Villain Simulatorgame play is entirely open-ended: Players can do as they please with their furry partners for as long as they want.

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Heat developer Edef originally began looking into virtual reality after he became interested in bringing his fursona, Emerson, into VR. Gentle, intimate physical interaction is a huge selling point with Heatas the game features realistic physics that let players lovingly caress Hera and Emerson from head to toe. Art by YanWiah! Players can grab his erection, stroke his tip, or watch his cock bounce slightly from brief contact.

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Hera has equally realistic vaginal and anal physics. Players can play with her breasts, insert sex toys into her, and even make her cum.

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This game is for you guys! While Heat is primarily a VR game, it also supports 2D play options for interested players that do not have a VR heet available. Yiff artor sexual furry artwork, is considered somewhat taboo online. But despite its divisive nature, furry porn is incredibly popular within the furry fandom: One study from FurScience found the overwhelming majority of men and women in the furry fandom look at furry porn.

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While men were far more likely to have positive feelings on furry porn than women, furries across genders have a long and storied history of supporting adult furry creators, including sex toy retailers like Bad Dragon.

Update pm CT, Oct. Ana Valens is a reporter specializing in online queer communities, marginalized identities, and adult content creation.

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She lives in Brooklyn, New York, and spends her free time developing queer adult games. Share this article. Ana Valens Ana Valens is a reporter specializing in online queer communities, marginalized identities, and adult content creation.

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