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Futa forest game, Turks chica found friend futa forest game meeting

Among us Futa Animation 2 min. Forest of the Blue Skin B - Version 1.

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Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Overview: This is a small, fun journey of a young magician in the old forest. Will he come to the heart of the forest? Or fall into the hands of another futanari?

Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Anon21 Active Member.

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Mar 29, 1, Beware of bandits. Arse bandits. Reactions: AugoeidesCrowleyAldracAmariithynar and 16 others. Dec 3, This game is boring, if you get fucked it's game over, would've been nice if you were able to continue the adventure. Reactions: Narchivere98sucoBungeeLove and 8 others.

Jun 1, Reactions: Yasciville. Red Sand Member. Aug 6, I'm going to give it a try, hopefully the protagonist is not a little wussy. Daxter Well-Known Member. Sep 17, 3, 6, Apr 8, 10 Mannn the male protag just uhhhh Reactions: qawserNyeuhJabFZone and 1 other person.

JoleenStar Active Member. Sep 29, The gameovers are a bit annoying, but Futa on Male is so rare!

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Dec 27, Reactions: WiredRM and Hellgast. Jul 13, 10 BrokenRose said:. Why are most of these games so focused on having the male be the bottom? There are so few good games with futanari that involve a female protagonist. I'd much rather have the image of two women fucking, not a woman fucking a man.

Reactions: lalalandland11KarmoBunHunBoi and 4 others. Reactions: stardxSilverfanThe0 and 2 others. BrokenRose Active Member. Jan 21, 2, MalexFuta is rare, femalexFuta and FutaxFuta are so common there are plenty of em.

Kazuma Kiryu Newbie. Mar 14, 23 Reactions: Silverfan DianWeiWarrior Newbie.

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May 11, 44 Oh wow, if this game didn't have art I'd just call it incredibly lazy. Im all for futa on male content but the entire game is just "Do you want sex? Not really worth the time tbh.

Reactions: utiolaNarchivereThe0 and 3 others. Reactions: Tenenbaum. Jan 22, Can you bang chicks with dicks in this one, or it's just them banging you?

Reactions: Narchivere and oxking RC Boss Devoted Member. Apr 26, 8, 10, Strange game. Guess it was okay-ish for a first try of this developer Greyhound said:. AugoeidesCrowley Active Member. Jul 29, Reactions: AmariithynarZygtheonMannMod9 and 3 others.

W65 Active Member. May 31, It's the old game-over rape arguments all over again. There is something to be said for complaints about the flow of the game when most of the porn is coming from game-over rape.

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It's kinda built into the GoR idiom that the player wants to see the porn AND wants to see the rest of the game in order to get the rest of the pornand so no other real gameplay strategy makes sense. At the same time, nobody wants to repeat parts of the game that they just played through, so sometimes the dev shortcuts around the whole "reloading" part by just restarting the fight the player threw in order to get porn.

That saves time but is from the player's perspective not much different than having to load a save assuming the save isn't too far back. In a sense, the idea of losing for porn is ingrained in the GoR genre. Heck, it's right in the name. If you weren't losing in order to get porn, it futa forest game get the game-over rape label in the first place. It's sort of a thematic necessity to keep the rape-dungeon story such as it is from falling apart. After all, the rape-happens-PC-dead-game-ends conceit does save the dev from having to explain in-story how the protagonist escapes from the rapist, which could get pretty contrived pretty quickly.

It's understandable that this sort of gameplay is pretty unsatisfying. Virtually no other type of game requires you to lose to every boss or enemy. Also, refinements of the GoR genre are usually limited to things like the reloading shortcut I mentioned above or suicide items so that you don't have to wait as long to lose a fight.

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What I'm waiting for is a game that does some meta-gaming self-awareness garbage, where the game actually reacts differently if you lose and reload the save versus not actually losing. Of course, every player is going to want all the porn the game has, so they're going to try to play it both ways, etc etc.

Basically, what Undertale did: certainly someone will copy the idea in a porn game sometime.

The PC is so overpowered that they literally CAN'T lose the fights and get the porn unless they figure out the right way to lose each individual fight. It'd be sorta like an ass-backwards Monmusu Quest, or like what was going on in that one Black Panda game. Show hidden low quality content.

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