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While there are so many shows with loyal fan followings, GoT is a little bit special. There are whole areas of the internet dedicated to complex fan fiction and theories.

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Game of thrones stories

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5 of the best 'game of thrones' adult fanfiction sex stories on the internet

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7 steamy af 'got' fan fictions that have the plot lines you *really* need

Password Reset. Update. Party like its AC. A dark and smutty tale about the relationship of one Arya Stark and Joffrey Baratheon. The Stark women find themselves falling into the corruptive, and seductive, grasps of the Lannisters.

Daenerys Misadventures By : nitchgut Published : September 28, Another series of stand alone stories, this time featuring Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, with the possible appearances of more characters. Mostly Ncon, relec, group sex.

5 of the best 'game of thrones' adult fanfiction sex stories on the internet

Bran really is useless By : Tac Published : April 17, Bran is the weak, dumb and useless 4th Stark. He is good for nothing but with the help of his older sister Arya, Bran finds his one purpose in life.

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Crossover AU: At the age of 10, Jon found out the truth about himself. At the age of 14, Jon left Westeros for Skyrim to start his destiny. At the age of 21, Jon returns to Westeros to reclaim his right and begin his reign as Overlord of the Empire of Dragon.

‘game of thrones’ stories

Princess Shireen enjoys reading books of history and lore. One night she discovers something in the s that was never written. Burning relations spark between her and the Red Woman. Westeros is a hard land, especially for women.

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Just few slight difference in their story could lead to their rape or even enslavement. This story contains unconnected alternate endings for many of the women of Westeros.

‘game of thrones’ stories

Arya goes from a high born Lady to craving animal cock. Warning: Minors, Beastiality.

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The HBO series already diverged from the book's version of events to be a different story. This story tells how I believe the ending should have gone. Everything that happened through S7 and before in the HBO series is canon.

Game of thrones stories

Jon Snow is sent to Dorne to beg for soldiers to the Night's Watch, but finds himself begging for something much better. Servant from the North-Second chapter released.

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Tywin agrees to recognise independence of the North in the name of iron throne in exchange for their help against other claimants. He demands a hostage to ensure loyalty of their new allies, who is Arya Stark. What is dead may never Die! The new Queen In The North first challenge is making sure the new ruler of the Ironborns will not go back to their old ways. However, is Sansa willing to agree to Yara's terms.