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In Game of Whores you play for the former manager of a brothel, the goal is to return to the business and at the same time to help the 3 main heroines of the game to achieve power and influence. Added: — 2 new quests for Rodrik — Character sprites for Goldy and Pam, you can meet Pam during first Baelish quest, Goldy works in the baths — 1 animated private dancing CG scene with Daenerys and Sansa — 1 animated blowjob CG scene with Daenerys — 1 animated handjob CG scene with Sansa — 1 animated lickball CG scene with Daenerys — 1 animated lickball CG scene with Sansa — Random daily text events 4 for Daenerys and 2 for Sansa after they finish with waitress job stat should be enabled — Gallery was updated with scenes from 0.

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Log in with itch. How to unlock Sansa quest 2 place holder its skipped it and got to quest 3 and 4. How do I unlock daenerys 5 quest i did every thing, and how do I exit the endless shopping menu when theres no rollback.

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Log in with itch. How to unlock Sansa quest 2 place holder its skipped it and got to quest 3 and 4. How do I unlock daenerys 5 quest i did every thing, and how do I exit the endless shopping menu when theres no rollback. I can't access Denarys's shopping because I get stuck in an endless shopping menu.

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How do I fix this? I'm stuck in the shop menu as I'm on mobile. I can't close and reopen the game as it relo me in the menu. Endless shopping menu option right?

What’s about game of whores apk?

That's a bug, you need to load autosave before this point. Hi, thank you, just load your latest autosave made before going there, this is current bug which will be fixed in 0.

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When I pick "install" there are two slots one is the Data and there other one where its saved. I cant select anything on ithe first one. Some other games have the same problem. I don't know, definitely something is weird about device, is it chromebook or something like that? You don't need to install PC version, just extract it.

Its just an usual HP laptop. Then I went to the online website where i was able to download the game. Thank you very much for the help and its a very nice game.

Game of whores [v] [manitu games]

Thank you! I think its an issue when i was moving the files around but i really don't want to play the entire game again to get where i was is there anyway to put my stats for the Girls to max instead of having to have interactions with them again?? Well, seems like you're using old saves and this wasn't supported until 0.

Hey, just wondering when version 0. Great game overall and have really enjoyed playing it, but I seem to have run into a problem regarding quest 5 for Daenneris. I saw someone else play the game and it looks like quest 5 should unlock after completing quest 4, but the quest just doesn't show up for me for some reason.

Game of whores guide walkthrough!

I've already tried several things including playing through that entire first part of the game again because I was worried I accidentally soft-locked myself or somethingbut nothing seemed to work. Is there just something obvious I'm missing or is this a genuine bug? Character's quests are non-linear, so to trigger 5th Daenerys's quest you need to beat quests of some other characters, I believe it was Rodrick.

Sannsa's strip dance isn't unlocked in the gallery and neither is Cersie's blowjob.

So it'd be great if you can update it. Thank you for comment! As other things we'll consider adding them :. I must say, one of the best new games, yes i understand that this game was made by a professional team, but it is just brilliant, so much content for a first release! When i was releasing 0. Great grind balance. Good storytelling, great gameplay. Fantastic coding. It will be one of the most appreciated games of our time.

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Game of Whores. A downloadable game. Hello everyone! This is our parody project called Game of Whores which is based on one famous universe. This is dedicated to public releases only, if you want to play the newest version which is always one version ahead and has more content than current itch. If you like to support development of this project consider us on Patreon! Walkthrough: patreon. More information. Updated 13 days ago Status In development Rating. Install instructions 1. Extract files 2.

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Download game. Mar 01, Feb 23, Jan 07, Dec 26, Oct 15, Comments Log in with itch. Irishguy1 13 days ago.

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UnfunniestGuy 15 days ago. It's place holder, there's no quest yet :.

Kakarott 19 days ago. SAnsa quest4 -5 how to complete. ReaAnne 53 days ago.

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That's a bug, just rollback. Sadkpopguu 66 days ago. Beefy McWhatnow 53 days ago 1 edit. Beefy McWhatnow 52 days ago. How can I fix it? What do you mean no data for it?

Thank you for playing! Margaery, Arya, Ygritte, etc? Please update thanks. Not sooner than July. Hasakiia days ago. How to complete sansa's second quest placeholder? This is placeholder. Killer days ago. I have absolutely no idea how to get past Sansa first quest.

Game of whores apk gameplay

Buy her Septa's costume. That's interesting, android? Are you playing latest version, using old save? Yeah, cheat version is available on our Patreon, also you can ask someone for a save file. Gamew days ago. How do I? Complete other quest's first, at some point you will see it at the map.

I can't get past Sansa's first quest, can anybody help? Didn't Crit1kal work on this or something lmao. Charlie, Cr1tikal, penguinz0.

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He talked about our game on some of his streams? Nevermind it was called "Game of Moans". BruhBruhBr days ago.