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It has a unique magic system and different pathways the story can take depending on in-game choices. You play as either Tenran or Aoi, a teenage boy and girl, respectively, on quest to defeat the ancient evil that threatens the prosperous land of Jipang, to prove themselves worthy of the legendary Fire Clan, warriors who have been protecting Jipang for many generations from evil demons and warlocks. The land Jipang is very similar to medieval Japan, and during your adventure you'll also visit Mongolia, China, and other Asian countries.

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To some, it might sound like an exotic sushi roll. Others might think that it is a dirty deed done by only the most expensive Japanese hookers.

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You like online competitive card games. You like hentai porn. Why not have the best of both worlds and play a porn based card game? Gone are the days of trying to play Hearthstone on one monitor while trying to jerk off to your favorite hentai porn on the other. I have the solution to all of your woes. The game is massively popular as far as porn-based card games go. They bring in well over 11 million horny chicks and dudes to the site every month.

And the game itself is all in browser. No downlo or anything necessary. Well, unless you want to play on mobile. When you first head over to Cuntwars. Simply hit that big button that says play to get started.

You meet and fight other sumptuous babes who do all sorts of kinky shit for you. The way the game works is that you have a hand of monster girls to choose from.

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You can place these babes in the front, middle, or back rows depending on their range and attack type. There are indicators on their card for attack power, health, and damage type.

Your job is to take out enemies and kill the enemy leader before they kill you. Well, kill is used loosely. Though the rewards here definitely keep you coming back for more.

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Each time you win a battle you get this still image of your main character fucking or getting blown by the cast of monster girls you saw on the front. When you win you get a chest of random rewards like cards, coins, and experience.

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Cards that gain experience can level up. When they level up they usually get even more revealing, and you also unlock sexy artwork for each of them.

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Throughout the story of the game, you unlock special erotic scenes. When you beat the first world you get this awesome animated blowjob scene, and you unlock quite a few of these as you progress. You can fight other players online to unlock rare chests, summon new bitches to do battle with you, and view a map that tracks what your goals are for more rewards.

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Getting new card packs is where the microtransaction bits come in. You buy in site currency or earn it the hard way and use that currency to buy card packs full of awesome, kinky bitches to add to your harem. Just like any good multiplayer game, the overall goal is to increase your rank and ascend to the top of leaderboards. This is a fully fleshed out game with a ton of integrated features to keep you coming back for more. It just happens to be a really good game that also has beautiful and sexy erotic animations to go along with it.

I mentioned a mobile app at the start of this review.

The full experience is open to you. No limitations or any of that annoying bullshit that mobile versions like to do. No having to zoom in or small text or any of that.

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I actually prefer the mobile experience over desktop myself. My favorite feature about Cuntwars. I hate porn games with shitty art styles, poor gameplay, and stingy sex scenes.

This game is the opposite to all of that. You get beautifully rendered scenes with nut-bustingly good content, a game that is genuinely fun to play, and the entire game is full of fap-worthy pictures and animations. I also like that this is one of the only competitive porn games that I have seen out there. Usually, you get stuck with solitary dating sims or weird chat rooms with other players.

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My main suggestion for Cuntwars. The content is great, sex scenes come rolling infrequently, and the game is fun as fuck to play.

Jerk off, play against friends, and simply have a good time. My only minor suggestion would be to work on the dialog at some points. It comes off as stilted and not very sexy in my opinion. Overall, Cuntwars. Cunt Wars.

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Get Sexy Rewards, Build Your Deck, and Compete Against Other Players Each time you win a battle you get this still image of your main character fucking or getting blown by the cast of monster girls you saw on the front. Hentai Heroes. Booty Calls.

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Pocket Waifu. Booty Farm.

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