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Games like spnati, Games like spnati girl hunt for guy to love

This game contains material that is only suitable for adults. If you are under the age of 18, please leave now.

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Name: Filide
How old am I: 26
Sexual preference: Male
Color of my iris: Large gray-green eyes
Gender: I am girl
What is my hair: Dark-haired hair
Smoker: Yes

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Porn games come in many different shapes and sizes. They have shitty dialog, bad art, and the game is often boring as fuck.

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And I think that I just might have that kind of game for you today. One that I actually had a lot of fun playing. All of the best babes from anime, cartoons, and games are there. There are also dudes on here if you swing that way.

But such a good game deserves more love. Especially since this has all been achieved by a community team. I hope to see that k blow up even more! You have two random anime babes that stand next to the character creation menu. You never actually see your character, so the options are a bit limited. But who wants to see your own character when you have all of these awesome sluts to strip for you?

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This can change the backdrop and make the AI turns faster or slower. And if you want more advanced interactions with the AI, go to the bottom right and do a full customization of your character. Everything from physical build and skin tone to pubic hairstyle and circumcision options if you decide to play a dude. Modifying this stuff makes it so the AI will comment on specific features you have as you strip.

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You can have up to four opponents. Some characters have more clothes than others, some are talkative, some are more skilled, some are harrier, some can fly, and more. Most have thousands! On those same menus, you can see the artist credit, who wrote their dialog, and read a short description of the character.

The site even gives recommendations based on the other characters in the group. Same as regular poker. Whoever had the worst hand has to strip.

Your goal is to get every character to strip down naked. Each character has a different way of pleasuring themselves. Some fuck themselves with vines, others float and finger themselves midair, and others do gymnast poses while they stick fingers in their asshole.

And each character stays true to their personality and interacts with other masturbating characters. So, masturbating is akin to being out. What you miss out on if you lose are special scenes at the end. If you beat everyone, you can choose a character to further your relationship with.

This unlocks fun dialog scenes with some sexy parts, and you also get a neat trophy. Rewards that actually make sense for once! It works, I guess. The games like spnati is small, the flash is a bit slow, and you have to zoom in and out to see much of anything. At least you can still play it on mobile, but the experience is much, much better on desktop. The game has only been around for a year, so hopefully, they get a dedicated mobile port out there sometime soon. The shit they say is really fucking hot sometimes. Plus, the art is great! There are so many different artists involved in this game.

It makes it so that each character has some unique features and personal flair. Work on the mobile site so us horny fucks can take that shit on the go.

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Maybe add some audio. I know voice acting would be super expensive, but maybe some simple audio tracks in the background would spice things up. Or just audio during the epilogues or masturbations scenes. You could replay this game hundreds of times and get a different cast of characters every fucking time. I highly recommend you all check out spnati. Hentai Heroes.

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