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Log in with itch. I'm getting a bug in the motel, as soon as I wake up and put on clothes, she always faces towards the camera, and will not turn.

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Log in with itch. I talked to a guard at The Crossro and Jenna said something about "having the alcohol for this guy" but needing to complete other tasks. I don't have a mission for this so I have absolutely no idea what to do here. When I play this game, I often feel stuck. I got to the shocking reveal where Wildfire turns out to be you-know-who and after that point, I can find no way to progress the story.

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Log in with itch. Is it working as intended that when you are in the basement, where you fight the plant woman, its allways kinda zoomed in, unless you are in combat?

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Does your perversion level have to be at 0 in order to sleep with Karen after you turn off the lights? Is this intended? It seems like the gear guy won't repair certain gear if it's torn up, like the cat costume. Please fix :. After I defeat Wildfire, I don't know if there's more than 1 fight with her but after the cutscene of you, Throb and the other chick I forgot her name as the saves don't appear I'm just stuck looking at the pixel version of Jenna in her GAG suit where the battle took place.

Hi c:, I wanted to give you an opinion that I consider very important for me, I suggest an option to change the language or something, my main language is Games like third crisis and I would be glad that the game is translated into Latin Spanish or simply Spanish, I think it would be great and It would clearly improve the playability of Spanish-speaking players, and possibly increase the popularity of the game.

I feel a little uncomfortable having to translate the dialogues and many times I don't understand the plot of the game, I really love your game, I think you have done a great job.

Third crisis

I hope you read my comment and the game is in Spanish :'D. First of all, Thanks. Dude just learn English. People like me who are part of a small language don't get a localisation for almost any game. Be happy that you speak one of the big languages. On some of the choices there's an option to "resist" or "give in" and I just wanted to know what you plan to do with that. I'll like it no matter what you do because this game is fucking awesome tho.

Hi, im stuck at the scene where i first enter the bar, the part where i have to deliver food. When i try and deliver the food there is a man standing in the way that stops me from interacting with the character i want to. Hey, the pinup gallery isn't working for me.

Third crisis

I got all the card things for the rearview one, and they aren't showing up when I go to check. Same thing for character galleries. There's no message for it in the game yet, but that's because the pinups are in the patron version of games like third crisis game atm. Sorry about the confusion. They unlock the door to get to the final room of Sublevel 1. It just ensures you do the first two rooms of Sublevel 1 first and I wanted to experiment with a keycard door. Honest talk, great game. At first I thought it just a "Slut simulator" and a good one game, but hell did that turn around once we got to Wildfire Dont get me wrong the twist was pretty clear, but hell, even if you knew it coming, it hit really hard just by the way you handled it Left me real down in the end, whch is overall a bad thing, but speaks for your game We'll work on making the 2 storylines of jenna being slutty and the main story work better together :.

I mean, in the slut route there are multiple points where she almost literally says "fuck my Girlfriend, this is me now! I think even with good writing, and I think we can totaly trust your team on that point, these two characters cant be merged into one any more Dose any one have or know where I can get an android 0.

Got a now phone recently and lost my save.

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It currently has a bug that doesn't show the images in the skip menu, but just press on the top of it. Is that the actual ending of the game, or is there more to the game? I really wanna know if there's gonna be more added to the Story, or like if there's gonna be like a Third Crisis 2 or somethin'.

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I really can't help but feel like I'm at a cliffhanger after reading through the dialouge during and after that boss fight. Also, I didn't get to the necessary area I think the prison tent in time to take part in the Halloween Event-- just to clear that out. Not gonna go into detail what happened in that part of the game bc I don't wanna spoil the game for y'all Edit: Clarifying I ain't gonna spoil shit for the game. This has been answered a bit lower down in Sean's similar question.

It's the end for now, there's still more planned though. We've grown to a team of 3 core members and more than 5 contractors. Right now we're working on continuing the story right where it left off. So the December patreon update will have new content and that content will, as always, be free to play by non-supporters one month later in Janurary.

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I know this is like two months late, but hey I just downloaded the new Public version! I have yet to play it and try it out! I have high expectations for the new content If there will be any, I'll have to play to find outso I expect myself to be even more impressed with how the story progresses. So, I finished the sublevel two mission, already dealt with the plant boss and fire boss for the second time, go back to the prison, already talk to both of them in prison I lost the track and no idea where should I go next.

Is this the end of the line for this latest version? Ahh I see.

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Anyway, the game overall is nice. Bug I found so far: in sublevel two, sometimes when I killed an enemy, the enemy is dead but the sprite is still there.

Only occured once. It continuously keeps me from finishing the text and moves on before I can finish and rushes h-scenes way too quickly. And I've already thought to disable it by pressing the hotkey associated with it Don't have ALPHA1, 2 and whatnot, so rebinded them to keypadbut it doesn't do anything. There are buttons on the bottom of the dialogue textfield. One of them controls the autoplay speed. It toggles through slow, medium, fast, off. When do you plan on making us able to unequip the badge and go around town "greeting" the townsfolk.

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We're planning on doing it, but we haven't gotten around to it yet. Not sure when we will find the time to implement this. I can't get the Pinups, if i collect the Pices i need they don't get unlocked what can i do? They are for games like third crisis only at the moment. We forgot to show a message informing players of this in game. Is the character gallery patreon only as well? If so, is there anything new to do in the public release? I think I ran into a weird bug of sorts.

I was in the middle of collecting the pinups and unlocking the character gallery when my internet cut off unexpectedly before I could save anything. Now I boot the game back up and not only is the stuff I've collected not showing up but when I try and collect the pinups again they aren't unlocking at all. I don't know what to do fix this or if there's a way to reset my game so I can collect everything properly?

Also, the scenes I've unlocked for the gallery are fine, they're still unlocked. It's just the other stuff that I've talked about is just a little finicky.

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It's weird. Thanks for reading this! The pinups are for patrons only at the moment. Is the Halloween content still available after November 1st? I've finished both boss fights at sub-level 2 and talked to the prisoner, but when I go back to Carceburg nothing happens. Is there anyway to access this mission after?

I do not know, if this is something that was told somewhere here or not, but basically.

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Everytime I play the downloaded version of the game, it simply sort of resets my screen sometimes, then leaving the screen of the game blank, or it makes my monitor not notice my computer until I reset it. I'm not sure if its something related to graphics cards or such.

Sorry, that sounds like something on the side of your hardware, I can't see anything like that happening when I try the game :. Found an issue. So I logged back in, and I got saves from before the pub was a thing. The last save I have was before the ambush and when they get the explosives.

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Anyways Throb has dialogue and it shows a white large box whenever he talks, and in some instances when I load in certain buildings. I love the game but this is annoying me. Is it an issue that when Jenna gains back her vibro ability, she runs at like 0.