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Henshinvolt Active Member Game Developer. Sep 9, I'm quite curious how this game was built, how is it you need to test all these scenes for weeks when its literally just another bunch of cell scenes that have existed with other characters since kingdom come, at this point they should just stop and move to the rework and we'd still get content in the same timeframe.

DudeMcGuy Newbie. May 4, 17 I've been fucking around with Fungus recently, and I do think if he used the current version of the add on he wouldn't have nearly as many problems.

Mar 2, 19 I think he should've refactored the code atleast once year or atleast every time Fungus received a major update. Reactions: metadeos.

DaConvertible New Member. Mar 17, 10 Reactions: Jarul and LordMerek. Carvangar Member. Jul 9, Ya know at this point, I'm expecting them to release at the same time as Justice League Synder cut, ya know to leach some of that attention. I mean this would have to be the most indepth DC porn parody around.

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Reactions: Haramboy Carvangar said:. Reactions: Jarul. Jan 23, 30 LordMerek said:.

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Reactions: zenzaxaznez. He talked about that in the Discord recently - apparently Patreon fees, transfer fees, and Canadian taxes eat up more than half that amount. According to him, bringing on a professional coder would pretty much wipe out what's left after that and would add more taxes and such.

Seems like that's a really high tax rate to me, but maybe Canada hates Patreon or something. I'm curious about this as well - it seems like it should be easy to rebuild at least the cell contents in another system or just from the ground upwith events maybe being more complicated. But somehow his code right now handles new events easier than cell stuff, at least that's what people are saying. Reactions: zenzaxaznezpinkie96Hentagram and 2 others.

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Nov 2, 2, Reactions: JarulDanlorn and baldazza. Mar 28, 9, 10, Henshinvolt said:.

Yeah I think he's gotten better at assembling so new cells have less bugs. Reactions: reycolacho. Shinobikun Member.

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Oct 5, Reactions: pinkie96LordMerekAlisaB and 3 others. Jun 15, 70 Jul 29, So which are currently the biggest boobs in the game?

Wonder Woman? Super Woman?

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Giganta does she even count? Revan Member.

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Feb 28, Revan said:. Jul 6, Galatea is small though, that makes her look more stacked.

The only real answer is that Giganta has the biggest knockers. Anyone got that image? Reactions: RizezenzaxaznezJarul and 5 others. I've got a breast size guide I use.

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Giganta could be bigger if she decided to grow bigger though. Galatea is a couple of sizes smaller than WW and SW. Jun 8, Shinobikun said:. Feb 18, 1 0.

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So it can be easily seen that he takes less than half of what you see on the Patreon. So K Canadian annually across two people.

That being said I think he's changed to a corporate tax this year which should be lower. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.