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Equip the angelic healer Mercy with her Imp skin, spray-paint an arrow on the wall, and crouch beneath it.

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Heal slut is a humorous but vulgar term for healer characters in video games or the players controlling them. In many video games, there are characters or classes e.

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Rather than kill players of opposing teams, the role of healers is to keep their teammates alive. Not everyone is a fan of healers, and so we see the insult heal slut as if they are a whore for ministrations for them as early as Heal slut spread inwhen it took off on 4chan boards about healing classes in games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

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The phrase is pointed and crude for multiple reasons. First, in many video games, the healer is either female or a lightly-armored, non-muscular man.

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Finally, the characters most often healed are stronger, more durable characters sometimes referred to as tanks. In most video games, tank characters are large, burly men.

Perverting play – healslutting in overwatch

Tasteless jokes seem rarely missed by the likes of 4chan, the sexual insult of the heal slut included. A final aspect of heal slut is the idea that some persons playing a healer character are aroused by submitting to tanks or an abusive team who rarely appreciates their important role.

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Get you a heal slut like EnjiBeifong pic. Heal slut appears most commonly appear on game-themed message board sites like 4chan and Reddit, ironically or otherwise.

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Use of the term is often accompanied by sexually explicit greentext stories or pornographic images featuring the character Mercy from the video game Overwatch. Note that heal slut may be considered sexist, given its gendered application of the insult slut and its use alongside other sexist language or content.

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This is not meant to be a formal definition of heal slut like most terms we define on Dictionary. Redefine your inbox with Dictionary. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Examples Origin Usage. Slang dictionary heal slut [heel sluht] What does heal slut mean?

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What's hot. Related words 4changit gudMMO-Champion. Where does heal slut come from?

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Examples of heal slut I need an MMO that will run on a bad computer where I can play a heal slut in pvp. ed a game and their was no tank or support. Popular now.

Who uses heal slut? Note This is not meant to be a formal definition of heal slut like most terms we define on Dictionary.