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Holiday island game walkthrough, Wonderful woman picking friend holiday island game walkthrough flirtbook

This guide will include cheats to skip grinding and exploits to get around the poker game.

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Holiday Island Cheats [ PC ]. Private messages My forums Cheat book Go to control panel.

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This guide will include cheats to skip grinding and exploits to get around the poker game. Both are optional. This is not a walkthrough! You really don t need one. How to setup the cheat menu. Go to the games renpy folder.

Look for a file called 00console.

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Open using nopepad. Switch to true and save. Cheats you can use Cheats involve manipulating variables to your desire. For example you want to increase lust on your character you need to identify yourself player followed by a period. So it should look like this: player. You will always want or 50 depending on the situation but it should look like this:. Here are the player variables I know will work: lust endurance strength looks charm hacking Lowercase matters! For the girls its a bit different. Each girl only has lust as a basic value, for example yvette.

So why the cheats? Skip the grind. Ill go through the gameplay portion next, but the grind is admittedly tedious but is improving. Meet with the girls, talk to them about their favorite subjects, and gain affection and lust with them. Avoid cumming in your pants by having too high of a lust stat when hanging out with them.

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Stats and what they do Big question is what do stats do specifically. Here are the basics Looks: not entirely sure here, but assume it makes certain charm checks against the girls easier.

Holiday island. general guide. i m setting up a general guide to play holiday island and answer some frequently asked questions.

Charm: This one is important as fuck. Always go for the bonus when you start. Especially if you want Faye. Strength: Important for strength checks during gym events. Spotting girls or helping them train, this is where Strength comes in.

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Endurance: Pretty much how much sex you can have. Lust: how bad you need sex. Too much and you cum in your pants at the wrong time.

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But good to have for sperm samples. Company Favor: Pretty much money in the game. You earn it by turning in sperm samples to the doctor. Jerking off in your room, or relaxing at the beach, pool, or a massage helps. The Phone Everyone is confused about what to do, look to the phone for a lot of clues. But we re breaking it down anyways.

Every morning, look at the phone. If its flashing red, check the messages. It could be a date or special event! Contacts: each phone you get shows up here. You can track their stats and if you unlock their implant her hidden stats as well. New pictures arrive when you do events.

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Inventory: items you get. Right the blue pill bigger dick is the pill that really matters and semen vials and samples.

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Task List: think quest tracker. When the time comes you can click on the blue icon next to the event and it will take you directly there.

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Messenger: this is where you find dates and events. You have to accept them the checkmark to activate them. Rescheduling is not working as of writing this. Stats: your stats. That simple. Progress: This was a much needed feature. You now no longer have to ask how much content a girl has, what it is, or where to find it.

Holiday island guide pdf

Its all here! Make sure you look at the bottom buttons, display scenes and display appointments. Shopping: You buy things here with company favor. If you need to buy it, its going to be here. You can get a new girl by using company favor at or you can send one home as well. This can be done at roomservice.

Holiday island cheats – console commands & codes

Each girl has her own unique outfits, events, dialogue choices, and jobs at the island. But know that each girl has a menu that includes her basic conversation, Wardrobe choices, affection kissing and hugging a special event based on location, and a personal question dialogue.

They also will have unlockable events you may find just by searching around. The basic conversation : Talk to the girls, find out about their favorite subjects and gain affection for them. This will unlock events later for each girl.

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This is the basic part of the game. Each girl has favorite subjects that gain affection, subjects she hates that loses affection, and finally subjects she doesn t care about which in no change. If you choose to play the game without cheats you need to first ask the girl all the questions right off the bat.

Holiday island

This will be how you mainly grind the girls in game. You can ask each girl more than once a day.

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Just not right away. Outfits Each girl has 3 different swimsuits and 3 different night time outfits. You unlock a new outfit after so much affection and the skimpier versions a combination between lust and affection.

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Right now just hugging and kissing. Specific Actions : these are events you can do with each girl, such as walking on the beach, swimming in the pool, or playing strip poker more on this later. Special Dialogue : Each girl has a special menu all the same questions that cost affection to ask. You will need to know in the future though so may as well ask them. The easy ones are height, phone and to call you by your first name. Those result in no affection loss just a check to see if your affection is high enough. Locations and Events. They are the beach, gym, pool, massage parlor, nightclub, doctor, restaurant, front desk, and your room.

Each location has certain events.