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Honey Select is one of the most popular eroge games available to play right now. It was released in and still holds up as one of the most popular and best games in its entire category.

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Usually, this is a massive oversimplification of the situation, as most Japanese games with erotic content are more than just sexuality. Honey Select first appeared in and has had several upgrades and rereleases over the years; after two years of an extremely enthusiastic fan-patching community working on the game, prolific localisers FAKKU! At heart, the two games have the same basic function: to provide the player the ability to create custom characters, and then engage in virtual sex acts with them. By the time Honey Select was first released, Illusion had been making this sort of game for a while — though they were mostly known in the west due to the fact that some of their older releases featured a strong focus on non-consensual sex. The honey select games commonly cited example of this is the notorious RapeLay fromin which players take on the role of a pervert with des on three young women, but they also released a fighting game called Battle Raper in in which the consequences for characters losing a bout are probably obvious.

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If you know where to look, the internet can offer up plenty of sex simulators. Originally released in Japan inthis game has built up a loyal fanbase among Western audiences—even though it lacks an official English translation. Until now, at least.

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News of a Steam version of the popular hentai game has fans scrambling for any information they can find on an official English release. Curious yourself? Honey Select 2 Libido is an explicit character creation video game.

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Like Koikatsu Partythe game provides players with an astonishing of customization options to craft the perfect waifu. The woman of your dreams awaits behind the doors of an opulent hotel. There is little need for a complex storyline in a game like this, and Honey Select 2 Libido focuses instead on creation, exploration, and showcasing an impressive collection of interactive erotic scenarios.

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Few games can rival Honey Select 2 Libido when it comes to character customization. Players can also adjust the height, build, or eye shape of a character, as well as her tan lines, pubic hair, and areola puffiness. The patch also includes minor but noticeable upgrades to the game, like adding support for high-heeled shoes. Honey Select 2 Libido lets players customize both male and female hotel patrons, though the options for female characters are far more expansive.

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In a game revolving around sex, this may seem like a bit of an oversight, but trailers for the game are clear about its focus on crafting female, rather than male, characters. The hotel allows for a maximum of custom characters, so you can spend plenty of hours crafting a diverse set of patrons to interact with.

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Honey Select 2 Libido builds on its predecessor by expanding player options across the game. An assortment of new locations, outfits, sexual positions, and customization options give the sequel a leg up on the original while maintaining its simple and appealing premise.

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Illusion also made a massive update to fluids giving them a far more realistic and appealing look. Characters can now moisten until they drip, and female characters can squirt.

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Fluids in general have seen a big improvement, so expect everything from sweat and tears to semen to look far more realistic. Yes, Honey Select 2 Libido is coming to Steam. The Illusion Twitter confirmed the news on Jan. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can still play the game.

Honey select 2 libido is coming to steam—here’s what you need to know

A large-scale human English translation process has been underway at GitHub for months, yielding a partially translated version of Honey Select 2 Libido. The process is ongoing, but the community effort has produced good. There are over 9, lines of dialogue scattered throughout the game so the majority of players instead rely on machine translations. Using a machine to translate a game is not the tidiest process, but despite messy phrases and oft-broken language, machine translations at least make the game playable for non-Japanese speakers.

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Players can access this with a translation mod, which can be installed to provide automatic translations for your next game. Any portions of text or dialogue that are untranslated will be filled in courtesy of Google Translate, so you should be privy to some very creative interpretations. Fakku is known for publishing English-language hentai, so it was well prepared for a project like Honey Select.

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Portions of the game may not be compatible with the wealth of Honey Select mods out there, however, so some players recommend fan translations over the Fakku version. Nahila Bonfiglio reports on geek culture and gaming.

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Top 5 games like honey select (alternatives to honey select)

Share this article. Nahila Bonfiglio Nahila Bonfiglio reports on geek culture and gaming.

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