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How to make rpg maker game full screen, How to make rpg maker game full screen baby seek friend for chatting

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Introduction As you know we are limited to px on width, so let's get the best out of it. This script will find the best resolution that will suite your monitor, will make your game fullscreen without stretching it.

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Go Down s 1. Tapout Total Beginner Posts: 5 Logged. Rpg Maker XP full screen problem. I truly apologize if this issue has been addressed before. But I have been searching for an answer for weeks now, and have found lots of other full screen issues but nothing that touches on what I'm dealing with.

I am using Rpg Maker XP. My desktop resolution is x It's not so much of a bother on the maps because I can adjust things fine to compensate. But in my inventory screen and during battles I lose a lot of information.

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Here are some screenshots to show what I'm talking about Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Sorry if the images are too small, I can resize them if needed.

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Heretic86 Astral Trancist Posts: Logged. Re: Rpg Maker XP full screen problem. RMXP really only gets one default resolution when it goes fullscreen. Different resolutions on monitors sometimes require that you adjust your Monitor to show the entire picture. Keep in mind that when I say Monitor, that does NOT mean computer settings for that Monitor, but on the Monitor itself to adjust picture size and shape.

H for Horizontal and V for Vertial. You might be getting clipped there. I lost some individual demos due to a server crash. Almost thought that was going to work.

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The horizontal is fine, it's the vertical that is off. But it doesn't re-size right. It either takes more off the top or the bottom.

It's like I need a free transform option to re-size the whole window. Thanks for the advice though. Is it possible your monitor doesnt support x? I cant imagine why it shouldnt.

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Um, maybe try changing display refresh rate as monitors usually go x 60Hz and a different setting fro 75Hz as well Also, try changing the DPI settings. If you don't know what that is, either google it or I'll tell you how to change it for w7.

Right click on the desktop, and go to resolution. Changed DPI settings can cause problems in some programs. That's my problem. My monitor does not support x resolution I have a Viewsonic VXw, so I looked it up and found this comment in the feedback Cons: Does not support x 60hz. It displays the video but cuts off the top and bottom of the screen and there is no options for vertical size.

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Tech support said "it does change your settings on your video card". I use this monitor for computer repair so I can't change video resolutions when in BIOS or windows installer. I think its a glitch by viewsonic since it works fin at 75hz. Makes more sense now that I know this.

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It won't let me change from 60hz to 75hz either. I'm making this game for other people to play anyways. So I'm assuming that full screen should work on most other monitors? It's just mine that's being a pain. Quote from: Tapout on March 20,am I had issues with going full screen also until I found this script. Make sure to back up what you originally had in MAIN first in case this script screws you over.

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But it worked for me flawlessly. If the game you are playing is one you downloaded and you cannot edit it then this script is obviously worthless so Good luck. You know you play video games to much when you put sunglasses on and whisper "Plus 10 Appearance" If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1. But it still clips the top and bottom off my screen.

This is a game I have created myself, so I'm going to it and try it from a friends computer and see if they have the same issue.

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I believe it's a problem with my monitor now. It just doesn't support x resolution. I don't even have the option of x in my display settings.

Thanks for all the help though guys. I appreciate the fast responses. Go Up s 1.

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