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Games that try to simulate real-world activities like driving vehicles or living the life of someone else with as much realism as possible. Simulators generally require more study and orientation than arcade games, and the best simulators are also educational.

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Welcome to lesbiansimulator. If you aren't already familiar with simulator games it's all about simulating real-life exercises like for example driving a car or living the life of someone other than you. And with this in mind the lesbian simulator industry has tried to put as much naturalness into your experience as humanly possible.

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Pillow Fight. And these days, there are tons of video games for sapphic women. Some games are built with queer players in mind; others just so happen to perfectly encompass our women-loving-women experiences. So which lesbian games should you start with?

Read on for our top picks, from adult titles to RPGs to classic video games. Programmed in HyperCard, this point-and-click adventure title was lost for a time and only recently rediscovered.

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No one had ever attempted creating a game with LGBT characters and theme. Polly, the party girl. Or maybe you have your heart set on Vera, the stylish schemer?

The choice is yours. Welcome to Monster Promthe dating sim multiplayer game where you have to compete with your friends to ask out the monstrous date of your monstrous dreams! Build up your stats and answer role-playing prompts carefully, lest you end up single for the big night. For a summer-themed game, consider Monster Prom 2: Monster Campthe latest in a series of upcoming sequels.

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Imagine a role-playing game about witches and wizards in a magical school, but with characters and narrative themes built specifically for queer players. Developed by Happy Ray Games and published by Humble Games, Ikenfell introduces players to the titular Ikenfell, a magic school for young witches and wizards. The game follows Maritte, whose famous sister Safina unexpectedly goes missing.

The best lesbian games

In due time, Maritte discovers magical powers of her own, and she s her fellow students on a quest investigating a sinister set of circumstances befalling the magic world as a whole. Gameplay involves a turn-based RPG world where players time their attacks carefully to execute spells. Most fittingly for queer players, Ikenfell is filled with queer representation, including lesbian and nonbinary characters.

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You are going to fall in love with at least one character from VA Hall-Aif not more. In VA Hall-Aplayers serve drinks as Jill Stingray, a year-old bisexual bartender who meets a colorful cast of characters over the course of her career.

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These range from Sei Asagiri, the friendly, buff security personnel, to fan-favorite Dorothy the android sex worker. Even Jill herself has some stories to share, particularly about her relationship with her ex-girlfriend, Lenore.

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The two meet and fall for each other. Gay ghosts. And love. Hailed as one of the best Western yuri visual novels in recent years, Heart of the Woods offers overwords, multiple endings, and a cast of incredibly gay female characters sure to delight.

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Easily one of the most wholesome games on this list, Super Lesbian Animal RPG throws players into a world filled with queer anthropomorphic animals gearing for a sapphic adventure. Head over to itch. When Hardcoded began development indeveloper Kenzie Wintermelon set out to create something that few others had tried: a trans lesbian adult dating sim.

The Daily Dot has covered the game extensively over the past few yearsand as time has gone on, its content has only grown more robust, not to mention kinkier.

In Hardcodedplayers take on the role of HC, an escaped android who meets and befriends a queer friend group in the cyberpunk dystopia Pira City. Uh oh! Choose between them and guide their journeys as they grapple with a world increasingly abandoning a utopian future in space.

Or just help them make out with each other. Purchase it from Steam or itch.

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Ana Valens is a reporter specializing in online queer communities, marginalized identities, and adult content creation. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, and spends her free time developing queer adult games. Featured Video Hide.

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Advertisement Hide. Beautiful Glitch.

Humble Games. Sukeban Games.

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Oracle and Bone. Sekai Project. Bobby Schroeder.

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Pillow Fight Games. Share this article. Ana Valens Ana Valens is a reporter specializing in online queer communities, marginalized identities, and adult content creation.