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Lesbian story games, I would like lesbian story games girl that like thai

Hi soo. I must admit I'm a big sucker for good dating simulators, visual novels with a huge dating aspect and also other games that at least feature some well written romance subplot options.

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Name: Danila
My age: 29
Where am I from: Bulgarian
My sex: Woman
What I like to drink: Rum
Other hobbies: Hunting

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Lesbian High School Story Game For Girls combines elements of a visual novel and dating simulator with lots of realistic pictures, text, dialogue and events, which is even better than a chat simulator or a text dating app.

You are a new girl to a modern school, where teachers do not pressure students, teach their subjects in a playful way and do everything possible to ensure that students have fun at school. Lesbian High School Story Game For Girls allows you to study in a school that has many advantages and one unique feature. It has a reputation for being a lesbian school.

The arcana: a mystic romance

Firstly, because this is a girls' school. There is not a single guy here. Secondly, the school administration adheres to modern liberal views, therefore, does not interfere with the personal life of students.

This text app for lesbian girls has interactive elements. In particular, it is not only a visual novel, but also a dating simulator with virtual girlfriends. In particular, if you want a certain lesbian girl to become your girlfriend, then you make the appropriate choice. As a result, you get closer to some girls and move away from others, learning new details of their intimate life, secrets and past.

However, Lesbian High School Story Game For Girls allows you to change your mind several times, so you can build relationships with each of these girls.

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At the moment, this application allows you to get the following virtual girlfriends: Delma is an Irish girl. She was the one who told you that your new school has a reputation for being a lesbian school. She learned about this school from a girl with whom she was in a long distance relationship.

Delma met her in the comments under the video for people with trouble falling asleep.

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And now she is ready for a new relationship. Do you want Delma to be your virtual girlfriend? Paula is a Brazilian girl.

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She told you about how she was bullied in the last school. She was in love with a girl who brutally pranked her in the locker room.

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You provide her with emotional support. It looks like this is enough to make Paula fall in love with you. Do you want you to have a virtual girlfriend that is so easy to get? Bruna is a German girl. She adores pranks.

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Bruna wanted to buy a female libido activator to add to some schoolgirl's food, but she fell victim to a deception. Bruna believes that she has a right to behave like this, since people treated her badly in the last school. This is due to the fact that she liked to follow the orders of anonymous in the video chat.

Do you want to have a vicious virtual girlfriend?

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Sasha is a Russian girl. She accepted the truth about herself only last year, so she wants to be among like-minded people.

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Sasha is a very smart and sensible girl. It looks like she wants to make a brilliant career.

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But some anonymous person bullies her at the new school, which makes her cry. Do you want this touching and vulnerable girl to become your virtual girlfriend?

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Or will you only be friends? Claudie is a French girl. She is pretty annoying.

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But the first time Claudie hugged you, your headache went away. Does she have supernatural powers? Claudie considers herself a witch because she received this gift from her grandmother.

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Are you ready to have a virtual girlfriend who is not only a lesbian but also a witch? What if she is just a weirdo?

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