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Learn More. Sexual activity before competition has been considered as a possible cause for reduced performance since ancient Greece and Rome. Recently, the hypothesis that optimal sport performance could be influenced by a variety of factors including sexual activity before competition has been investigated. However, few scientific data are available, with the exception of anecdotal reports of individual experiences.

The present systematic review focused on the current scientific mastubation game on the effects of sexual activity on sport performance regardless of sport type. Also, the gray literature was mined using Google Scholar. Only relevant scientific articles reporting outcomes of athletic performance after sexual activity were considered.

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The impact of sexual activity before a sport competition is still unclear, but most studies generally seem to exclude a direct impact of sexual activity on athletic aerobic and strength performance. The most important aspect seems to be the interval from the time of the sports competition that affects negatively the performance if it is shorter than 2 h.

There are possible negative effects from some possible concurrent wrong behaviors such as smoking or alcohol abuse. There are no investigations about the effect of masturbation in this context. There is a need to clarify the effects of sexual activity on competition performance. The present evidence suggests that sexual activity the day before competition does not exert any negative impact on performance, even though high-quality, randomized controlled studies are urgently needed.

In ancient times, abstinence was considered the best method to ensure athletic performance and communion between body and spirit. Roman and Greek educators believed that great sacrifices could sustain success. This is probably the main reason why many coaches support the importance of sexual abstinence before sports competition Oman et al.

They believe mastubation game ejaculation draws testosterone away from the body Krieger,reducing aggression and muscle strength.

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However, the relationship between sexual activity and athletic performance is still controversial. The first scientific publications date back several decades, when some psychological and physiological aspects related to sexual activity were considered in the sport environment Anshel, Nevertheless, no controlled data are available about the possible role of masturbation or climax.

The role of sexual activity on sport performance has not anyway been examined in a scientific fashion, using a rigorous, reproducible approach, and few studies have been specifically dedicated to this matter up to now Cooper, The relationship between sexual hormones and physical function has been on the contrary studied for both power and endurance performance Johnson, ; Hengevoss et al.

Few authors studied the effects of mastubation game activity the night before a competition, and most coaches believe that it can have a negative influence on athletic because of excess energy expenditure Ferraz and Costa, The problem it is not yet sufficiently clarified, though the energy expenditure of sexual activity mastubation game low Krieger, ; Baume et al. The lack of sleep associated with such activity may however be remarkable, and contribute to greater energy loss and a reduction in sports performance.

It is not yet clear for how long this hypothetical negative impact would last. Some differences on the effects on sports activity could be hypothesized when masturbation or sexual intercourse are considered. The relationship between sexual activity and sports is indeed complex and mutual.

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Butt demonstrated that sexual activity could be interpreted as a sort of physical activity, positively impacting on health and wellbeing. This systematic review evaluates the current scientific evidence in the field of the sexual activity of athletes before sports competition. A specific checklist and an ad-hoc algorithm with the screening questions were deed and pilot tested within a subset of studies before implementation. We used a string made up of the following key words with proper Boolean connectors: coitus, sexual intercourse, sexual activity, sexual climax, orgasm, masturbation, abstinence, sports, competition, exercise, physical activity, strength, speed, endurance, and performance.

The studies were independently screened by two reviewers LS and GGto avoid any bias. All manuscripts initially considered relevant by title and abstract were eligible for inclusion. The full text of the manuscripts was obtained to ascertain whether they satisfied the following inclusion criteria, detailed according to mastubation game PICO standard:. P population : athletes at any level, national and international and practicing any sports discipline.

C comparison : studies comparing athletes reporting sexual activity vs. Other inclusion criteria concerned the de original primary articles of any type—case report, case series, mastubation game study, randomized controlled trial, etc.

In addition, to broaden our research, the references section of the selected articles was searched by hand to try and identify other relevant articles. Also, target journals were hand-searched.

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Further, to identify as many potentially relevant manuscripts as possible, a gray literature search using Google Scholar was performed. Finally, a search of theses and dissertations databases was performed. The contents experts only assessed potential publications with respect to the appropriateness of the research questions tested. The biostatistician only evaluated the appropriateness of the methods employed.

Disagreement was resolved by consensus. After removing duplicates, the search yielded unique. One further study was added after mining Google Scholar. One hundred and thirty studies were rejected because of off-topic abstracts, failure to fulfill the inclusion criteria, or both. After reading the full text, four studies were excluded, not being relevant to the subject at hand. Finally, nine studies were included in the current systematic review.

From the general point of view, none of the studies selected have approached this aspect mastubation game, and there is no evidence of a methodical investigation of the possible differences by gender, or intensity, or the type of the sports practiced. In most of the few manuscripts identified, males are more frequently investigated than females.

Some specific aspects emerge however in a study from the analysis of the female athletes population with respect of male. The authors Johnson, studied a group of 14 female former athletes, ages 24—49 years, to test the impact of sexual intercourse on strength performance, and some features of the muscular and aerobic performance were found.

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The study was conducted in two different sessions: the first time the morning after coitus the night, and then at least 6 days after the last coitus Johnson, Muscle strength was tested using dynamometry: no influence of sexual intercourse on muscle strength was found Johnson, Similar data mastubation game the effects of coitus on muscle strength were confirmed in in another study despite involving a population of male sedentary subjects Boone and Gilmore, In this study, aerobic performance was studied, and the possible impact of sexual intercourse was evaluated using cyclo-ergometry: sexual intercourse does not impact negatively when it takes place at least 10 h before the competition.

A negative effect, however, occurs if there is an interval of less than 2 h between sexual intercourse and the test Boone and Gilmore, The effects of sexual intercourse were studied in terms of possible modifications of the mastubation game variables such as maximal aerobic power and oxygen pulse Boone and Gilmore, All the variables considered were not influenced by sexual intercourse, which did not decrease maximal exercise performance. These differences disappeared during the recovery phase of the afternoon stress test performed approximately 10 h after sexual intercourse Boone and Gilmore, Despite the major differences found in the recovery phase, where higher values of HR were found 2 h after sexual intercourse, no ificant differences were found in workload achieved and in mental concentration of the athletes.

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The data support the role of sexual activity in activating the sympathetic system, and the same mechanism can be advocated in increasing testosterone blood levels after sexual activity. The possible impact of sexual intercourse was evaluated in well-trained male amateur runners.

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Sztajzel et al. The study supports the potential beneficial effect of sexual activity on running performance, and it underlines the negative impact of other incorrect lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol intake Sztajzel et al.

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However, the of subjects investigated was small, and some other variables such as sleeping, nutrition habits and recreational activities need to be considered to be able to speculate accurately. Sexual intercourse may have a negative impact on athletes' strength and muscular performance McGlone and Shrier,estimated by the handgrip test.

Strength was tested the morning after nocturnal coitus, and the were compared undertaking the same test after at least 6 days of sexual abstinence McGlone and Shrier, Handgrip strength was not affected by sexual activity the night before each test.


McGlone and Shrier reported the possible influence of sexual activity on coordination and maximal aerobic power. Other unreferenced and referenced studies investigated the influence of sexual intercourse on athletes' performance in a group of 14 married males, with no evidence of a negative effect on VO 2 max and coordination Nemec et al. Mastubation game authors suggests investigating in parallel some other variables, particularly in the presence of prolonged abstinence, to exclude a possible negative impact Thornton, Despite no evident impact of sexual intercourse on athletes' performance, the sample investigated was too small to allow generalization.

Few studies specifically distinguish possible difference in the impact of sexual mastubation game in different types of sports. Fisher analyzed the effects of different sexual behaviors in two different sports, soccer and baseball. Soccer players practiced abstinence more frequently than baseball players, and the possible positive on their performance may have resulted from more frequent abstinence before competition Fisher, In addition, considering the potential effect of regular sport activity on blood hormones regulation, several modifications should be expected in hormone blood levels.

Before competition, a rapid hormonal variation in individuals can be linked to variation in physiology, and can also be species related Wobber et al.

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Indeed, experiments in chimpanzees, as a model close to humans, demonstrate rapid changes of testosterone and cortisol during competition Wobber et al. These experiments also highlight inter-individual and inter-species differences: one individual's own perception of a given situation may induce different hormonal responses.

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The issue of testosterone level after sex is debated: some studies found no changes in testosterone levels after sex Hengevoss et al. The study reports some examples of investigations where testosterone blood levels were tested at different times following sexual intercourse.

Sexual activity does not affect testosterone levels, in the short or long term. In that study, some athletes showed worse or improved performance after intercourse, but no systematic effect of sexual intercourse was demonstrated. Salivary testosterone concentrations were measured in male and female members mastubation game four heterosexual couples on 11 evenings before and after sexual intercourse, and on 11 evenings when no intercourse took place. Testosterone levels increased across the evenings when the couples engaged in intercourse, and decreased when they did not.

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The data suggest that sexual activity affects testosterone more than initial testosterone affects sexual activity Dabbs and Mohammed, On the contrary, a complete different point of view is evident from international competitions such as the Olympics: the traditional idea of the importance of sexual abstinence before competition had generally been supported James, ; Anderson et al. The authors underline generally that sexual activity does involve physical activity Gordon,and psychological and emotional involvements are part of sexual behavior.

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Sexual activity has a relaxing effect, and the frustration to limit one's own sexual desire is probably more detrimental than to actually engage in sexual activity. McGlone and Shrier demonstrated no evidence of a direct negative impact of sexual intercourse in sports performance: the authors consider some specific psychological aspects McGlone and Shrier,