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Newlife is an erotic text-based female-perspective RPG. Alternatively, you can select the female start, begin as a woman and play the whole game without changing gender at all. Student X-Change Program.

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Newlife is a lifesim game where the player is transformed into a woman in an improbable mad-science accident. As of November Newlife is fully playable but still needs extensive content to be added. Nevertheless you can play it from start to finish, go clubbing and meet men, be taken out on dates, shop for and wear clothes, use your feminine wiles to seek promotions at work, have lots of sex, get carried away by your desires and accidentally or deliberately become pregnant.

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Hello everyone! Newlife 0. Early-access Patrons can find it in the creations section here. The changelog is below. The version is now public. You can download it using the links on the right-hand side of the blog.

The public version's changelog is here. I think that this version will be compatible with saves from the version, but I haven't tested it so I may be mistaken. For new players - just use one of the links to the right to get a zipfile containing Newlife.

Dear users! competitors sent numerous complaints and the file sharing service mega blocked our with games, because of this, many games are now unavailable for download. we are currently negotiating to restore the , we hope for your understanding and a speedy solution to the problem.

Once unzipped, you'll see a folder containing. Either one of these will run the game. For either version you'll need to have Java installed. A lot of programs use Java so you might well already have it. If the jar shows up as an unrecognised file type, then you probably don't. The exe should tell you if you don't have the right version on your computer, but you'll still need to install java to run the game. You can now invite your partner back home from the lesbian club. Minor changes:.

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Some minor adjustments to relationship stat changes here and there: probably nothing that will be obvious. Changes for user-submitted content:.

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Added the wavy hairstyles to the documentation: these were in 0. Fixes to text issues.

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Rewrote the behaviour-changing actions to use gender-neutral language now that they're used in the lesbian club scene. Thanks to Zab for flagging this up. Fixed a problem reported by Brobort where it was possible to befriend the transformed jerk twice. Fixed a bug reported by XenonCrossaline where the office work trip could lead to the wrong sex scene.

Fixed a bug reported by AnarChYsT where the game wasn't properly storing when a female-start character was not a virgin at character creation, potentially leading to some incorrect text later on. Fixed a bug reported by StuntCuffer where the jerk-blackmail scene would error after sleeping with the blackmailer with your partner in the apartment.

This version is not compatible with saves from older versions. Proper implementation of hairstyles, including variation across NPCs with hairstyles weighted by outfit style, though you can also set the hairstyle directly for custom NPCs and the ability to change the PC's hair by visiting a stylist on weekends. Thanks to the people who suggested hairstyles for the game: Jams, Robin, Sentenal and anyone else I've missed off the list. The PC can newlife adult game dye her hair at the stylist.

You can choose from a variety of natural, unusual or bright colours. One new socialisation event. First pass at the lesbian club scene. My aim in this release was to broadly mirror the actions from the existing nightclub that don't require sub-scenes. While it is possible to swap s with one of the women here, there is no lesbian date scene as yet so things will end there. I'll be extending and adding depth to this scene in future releases. Added a small chance for innocent NPCs to use the cheerful outfit style.

The Impregnator breeding plot can now repeat itself, with a different target each time. Unfriending or dumping the impregnator-friend completely resets the plot to allow it to restart with a different impregnator in the future but also means that the same character could be targeted more than once newlife adult game the impregnator is unfriended in-between.

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Some rebalancing of NPC decision making in actions in the nightclub scene. Increased the of standard female NPCs by one: now the default is 4 and the minimum 3. Updated attraction calculations towards female NPCs: the PC should find other women more attractive now.

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I expect there'll be more to be done with this later on, perhaps by including breast-size and female-figure preferences in character-creation. Any existing custom npcs will need to be changed. Properly added hairstyles to the custom NPCs, including a list of valid values.

The game will permit giving women's styles to male NPCs and vice-versa, even though this doesn't happen in default character-creation. See documentation for details. The enum reference has been updated with a list of hairstyles. I'll probably be making similar changes as more lesbian content gets added, so please let me know if you find something that you think should apply to all NPCs instead of just men. Breastsize preference methods have been moved from MaleNpc to Npc. Thanks to Aetherial and Sight for reporting some of these. Re-ordered some of the getting-dressed text from the date scene to fix a text issue reported by Wishfulthinker.

Fixed a problem reported by J. Fixed a problem reported by Stochastic where characters could get duplicate relationship flags.

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Fixed a bug reported by PM over on patreon where the game would error when a single PC with the romantic trait developed a crush on someone. Fixed I think a bug reported over PM where following a load the shops would start selling duplicates of clothes you already own.

Fixed a bug reported by Mister B where one man attempting to film you during sex would lead to other men later in the scene-chain doing so, even if it didn't fit their personalities.

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Fixed a bug reported by Shardon where your babies would go missing on loading a game yikes! This release mostly involved an extensive rework on how Newlife handles saving, which touched on a lot of the game's internals. This should have three main advantages:.

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First, it should fix a problem some people had experienced with saves not working with the most recent versions of Java. Second, it should allow saves and templates to work reliably across versions as long as the internal data structures do not change. This is why I rushed to add basic hairstyle support in this version, so that I wouldn't need to do it later and break people's saves.

Third, the new saves are in json format which is human-readable.

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This means that people can edit their game in a text-editor, for example if they want to customise their clothing items. Back up your saves first though, as it's easy to break them with a typo in the wrong place. Json is a common format, so no doubt there are plenty of alternative tools for this as well. The other change is the addition of internal hairstyle support.

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However, there's only placeholder styles and there's no stylist scene to actually change them in-game. I'll be improving on that very soon.

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So, if there's a hairstyle you want for yourself or your lovers then let me know in the comments, as well as where you think it should fall on the cute-sexy and elegant-casual axes. Completely replaced the way Newlife saves games and templatesalong with some ificant internal reworks to remove bloat from the files. Added support for hairstyles internally, although it currently isn't possible to change them except for save-editing and the values are largely placeholders. Added a getHairstyle method to characters in custom scenes. Thanks to and for reporting some of these.

The latest public version of newlife is use one these links to download a copy.

Fixed a bug with the new error logging added in 0. Thanks to DGF for finding this! The next major update, chosen by voters on patreon, will be Lesbian Content. I'll be starting on that either next release or the one after.

Added a new path to the office party, intended to give the scene more variety for players with a non-sleazy boss. You need to be wearing underwear to the party to get this route. Extensively reworked how enjoy and relationship processing works internally.