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Added by ape on 23 Oct Miss Bubble II - Arcade. Nude, Asian women.

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As far as adult-themed games go, which are usually complete trash, this one is actually fun. Miss Bubble II is a blatant Bubble Bobble rip-off with bubble-spitting mice instead of dinosaurs, new sprites for the enemies, and grainy pictures of lady folk in the background for you to look at as you play. The game even has two endings like Bubble Bobble, one bad ending for if you play by yourself and one good ending for if you can get a perverted friend to you to the end.

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So, perverted video gamers rejoice! This is the very rare kind of game that delivers adult material along with gameplay that is actually quite fun. Gals Panic - Arcade. Gals Panic is basically just Qix with drawn images of young women in the background.

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The images have the women fully clothed at first, then upon going to the next level, they lose a little clothing But, there's no guarantee you'll get those images. If you're not good enough or quick enough, you'll see the word "change" on the screen, and the image of a nude lady will transform into something comical, like a sheep wearing a pearl necklace and make-up.

As far as adult-themed games go, this one isn't bad. If you like Qix, you'll like this game. If you've never played Qix, then maybe the humor or the lady folk images will be enough for you to give that style of game a try.

Miss World '96 - Arcade. It's basically a rip-off of Gals Panic, but with the gradual undressing of drawn women replaced with an actual photo of an already nude woman set as the background that you're trying to reveal. The other change, and the one that has garnered some attention to this game, is that the comical changes that happen when the picture of a girl turns into a picture of animals are replaced by images of horror.

Perverted folks trying to see a picture of a nude woman could be instead greeted with an image of a multi-headed Freddy Kreuger or a red-eyed demon with blood oozing out of various wounds on its face.

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I suppose that is still pretty comical in a way, isn't it? Playboy: The Mansion - PlayStation 2.

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Playboy: The Mansion surprised me. I saw that the game had nudity and I immediately thought that this would be a game with absolutely no substance that relied on naked women folk to drive sales.

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While it's not a must-buy game by any means, this is still a passable simulation of being Hugh Heffner. Basically, you hold parties, mingle with people, and do your best to put out issues of Playboy each month so that you can continue to make a profit. It can be slow and boring at times - and overly simplified as well But this is still a decent game that would be just as fun or not fun, based on your tastes if it were about putting out Polka Monthly magazine instead of Playboy.

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It's not great, but it's decent Your goal is to catch the semen in the mouths of the naked lady folk. If any touches the street, it's game over. If they catch it all, they look at you and smile. It's rather disturbing. Perverted aspects aside, the game itself is mildly entertaining and may be the best Mystique game that I've played But that's not really saying a whole lot.

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The gameplay is largely the same, except the difficulty seems to be turned down a bit. When I get 4 or 5 bubble clusters in a row, with all four bubbles the same color, which makes them nude arcade games disappear once hitting the top of the screen, I'd say that's pretty dang easy. You'll also get various cut-scenes between some levels involving scantily-clad women If you're good enough, you'll see a nude woman as a reward at the end Which isn't much of a reward since there's a nude woman at the bottom of the screen the entire time you play.

But anyway, if Mermaids of Atlantis sounds interesting to you, but you want some pixelated nudity mixed in, then I suppose Bubble Bath Babes is the route you should take Though neither option is very good. By graphic, I mean that the nudity actually looks like nudity. Which is mostly why I didn't post a screenshot of that here on Listal. That said, the game itself is so-so. It's just one-on-one poker.

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That's it. It does what it needs to do well enough, but unless you're a die hard fan of poker, or that much of a pervert that you absolutely must see 8-bit boobs, you'll probably get bored fairly quickly here.

What a mess. And then Acclaim had to follow it up with this trash, which Dave Mirra made sure that his name was not on. You'd imagine that despite Mirra not being in the game that they'd use the same game engine to make this just as fun, but nope. Anyway, the thing that makes BMX XXX stand out is that there are some females in the game with naked breasts as well as video footage of multiple, topless stippers.

Well, in the Xbox and Gamecube versions anyway, the PS2 version has all that nudity edited out.

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Controversy nude arcade games like free advertising, so if it was fun, it should have been successful, right? Well, the problem is that if this is the same engine from the Dave Mirra games, they modified it or something Everything controls poorly in comparison.

If the only reason you want to play this game is to see all of the stripper videos, save yourself some pain and just do a Google search for topless lady folk. The popups and viruses that you may have to deal with is probably less of a hassle than actually playing this game for more than five or ten minutes. But the other game is Lady in Wading A game that was never released as a stand-alone game.

In this game, you're a naked woman that has to build a bridge across a dangerous moat while avoiding various obstacles in order to get to the tower on the other side of the water, where a naked prince charming is waiting for you.

Unnecessary adult theme aside, the concept sounds like it could be fun But unfortunately, it's not. It's a case where the developers seemed more intent on putting naked people in the game and adding in animations of the two having intercourse in the tower than they were in creating something that was actually enjoyable to play. Mind Teazzer - 3DO. And it's still terrible. Mind Teazzer is a unique blend of adult content and gameplay that you'd find in a Sesame Street video game made for toddlers.

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Want to see a scene of fornication? Not 'til you solve that match game, mister Since it actually makes an attempt to be a game, I'll give it some credit, but once you beat the ridiculously easy three game types, there's not much else to do here unless you're a perverted teenager that just reached puberty. It has a concept of watching videos of three different lady folk getting topless and such, and you're supposed to snap pictures of them as they do so - basically, you're in the roll of a photographer.

You've got eight pictures that you can save total, and after that, you've gotta delete images if you want more.

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If there was some sort of goal to strive for or anything, really, this game would be a little more interesting. But as it is, it seems to basically serve the purpose of taking snapshots of topless lady folk to gawk at later Which might be a great time for perverts or pre-pubescent boys, but I found it to be dull and unrewarding. Sex Games - Commodore Hey, there's nude people on my screen having intercourse.

Look at the pixels on that woman. I bet they're fake.

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Anyway, Sex Games can be beaten in roughly twenty-five seconds And then you're done. The whole premise is moving your joystick the controller, fellas, not the thingamabob between your legs back and forth according to the images that pop up on screen.

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Do it enough, and you'll satisfy your partner and a "? Each box lasts about 5 seconds, essentially making this about as pointless of a game as you could play. The only reason the score isn't lower is because the controls work well But that's honestly the only compliment I can really give it. Immortal Desire - 3DO.

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Immortal Desire, like another poor Vivid game called "Sex," is simply a selection of five videos and you've got the ability to pause, play, skip ahead a few seconds, and skip backwards a few seconds