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Views: 91K. Pandora's Box game - You play both the boyfriend and girlfriend in this game. You get your own apartment, and that means the two of you are finally on your own.

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Pandora part I Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply. These are just off memory so will not be word for word.

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For Maggie, she admits later on to being a voyeur so having her catch you peeking on Nikki does not hurt you although I think you should take the first option to go to bed rather than try to explain it. Also, I found that in the hot tub, only when I said "I can't promise not to peek" when Maggie is thinking about taking off her top actually gave you points so she would take off her top.

Pandora’s box – new final version + walkthrough (full game)

Some may say it is a good one, certainly lots will say it isn't. First, Pandora is more a visual novel than a game. My goal was to tell you guys a story and get you to listen to it, not just click around to achieve the sex scenes sure, that is recomended too, when replaying, I did render sex scenes for a reason too.

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Secondly, it is a story about people, their virtues and their flaws. I tried to give life to them all in proportion to their protagonismand one part of that social realism I intended to represent are 2 major points: a You get to represent the character you are playing; b You never know what other people think of you and expect from you, since their expectations always vary.

Having variables showing that you get Maggie points by choosing this dialogue over another one isn't a true representation of realism. That's why the game has 4 save slots. Because it isn't an easy one.

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You never know if you are doing alright to please the girl you like. And that's the reaslism I looked after. It's frustrating? Yes, of course it is.

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I don't know if Pandora is a game I would like to play, quite frankly. I get frustrated really fast. But it was and still is the game I want to make. As a side note, I am really surprised that there isn't any complete walkthrough there yet. I know people have finished all the paths there is to finish so I know the game isn't bugged, and I'd expect to have one out already by now.

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Unless I'm alone in this, it's taken me over twenty attempts I lost count at 20 and this is way, way more than I've ever attempted any of the other adult games to get this and only got one of the endings by trying to get the other and since I have no idea how I did it, I'm unlikely to do it again. A novel is a linear experience, a game is an interactive one and with no visual cues on whether or not what you're doing is right, it will only lead to frustration and players walking away from the game and failing to experience the writing.

That undermines your very purpose for creating this. This leaves you with two avenues to pursue.

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First is on screen visual cues to guide the player. The other is to release a walkthrough a few days after release. A walkthrough isn't going to spoil the gaming experience, frustration most certainly will. That's my advice, take it as you will. Re: Pandora part I by Mortze » Thu, 15Oct22 Greenleaftea wrote: To use your analogy of the book, it would be like turning after but the story always going down a dead end route, never reaching conclusion.

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Would you read such a book? The visual age of Maggie. She doesn't look old enough, even if in the story she is.

Pandora’s box 2 – new version + walkthrough

When I first saw her with the other two the trio section at the beginning I thought they were her parents. The rest of the girls look fine and are hot but Maggie looks about It's a bit uncomfortable for many people.

I don't know if you'd consider changing that to make her look on par with Roos, for example?

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I have tried everywhere on the screen, there simply is no option to follow Rita. Re: Pandora part I by fauxplayer » Fri, 15Oct23 It is a fact that some young women look younger, and others 16yo look dangerously older. I understand that some people might feel unconformable with Maggie.

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The right thing to do would be to close the browser window and do something else. Re: Pandora part I by boyo » Fri, 15Oct23 fauxplayer wrote: Anyone who feels concerned about her appearance is either trying too hard to find something that isn't there or has some guilty issues of their own they're dealing with.

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It is a wonderful game so far! I have played it just once, got the bad ending but I can see this game offers a lot of possibilities, and I'm sure it deserves to be fully implemented! I'm already anxious to know the second part is ready for all of us to play it!

I sincerely think it is not fair, in regards of all the work already done. So I send you a modest contribution I wish having primed the pump for a lot of further donations Great job!

It contains all what i'm looking for, in a game or a story : Sensuality, poetry, fantasy, suspence. Encore merci de partager ton travail avec les lagooners. Re: Pandora part I by ltpika » Sat, 15Oct24 Just noticed heli29 says " Look better at the girls " which should be " Get a better look at the girls ". Sorry, don't know how I missed it.

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