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Like most creatives-driven industries, board game coverage has its fair share of crowdfunding efforts by numerous outlets trying to raise a few extra dollars for their tireless efforts.

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Monthly ranked list of the most popular Patreon games including top earners.

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Master list of tabletop patreons

Patreon is one of the 4 major ways for Terrain and Miniature makers to get funding for their work. The other I see, are KickstarterDirect Sales through a website, and donations through Thingiverse. Getting the word out is as important as creating great terrain or miniatures.

Patreon is a great way to help promote your work as well as give incentives to your patrons or customers to support you and get the word out.

Most of the deers on this list have pieces on multiple sites. Many host sites where they sell terrain, or sell through another site like drivethrurpgGambodyor Wargame Vault. You can find direct links to makers in The Directory. Here is the list of Patreon campaigns I am aware of. If any are missing, please me.

I back a of these. With all of these new campaigns, differentiation may become a deciding factor as well as price. I've been a technologist pretty much my entire life. I got my first computer at the age of 12, while most other kids only knew computers as the giant machines shown in movies.

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It sparked an interest that has led me into IT work for a living. This new 3D Printing hobby is an extension of my technologist tendencies. I like to play with new technologies.

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Awesome list as always Kevin! Patreon looks very popular amount crafters.

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I really appreciate it! I accept that my given data and my IP address is sent to a server in the USA only for the purpose of spam prevention through the Akismet program. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Worlds Over Run was the 50th Patreon listed. Patreon Roundup Here is the list of Patreon campaigns I am aware of.

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Among many other things. They are now jumping into the Patreon arena. They specialize in ruins scatter terrain. Featuring the latest videos and content he releases.

Top patreon adult games

Help support the videos and his channel by ing this Patreon. Aether Studios : Started by William Walker, this team of artists make Dragonbite compatible 3D terrain, scatter and miniatures for your tabletop games. They create fantasy and sci-fi models with occasional remixes of current FDG products. He is concentrating more on dynamic monsters for use in games, though some could be used as exotic characters.

Archvillain Games : They are creating printable miniatures and terrain for your tabletop games.

Monthly ranking for patreon games

It looks like they are going for a more fantasy feel with a certain demonic look. Asgard Rising: This Patreon is primarily about Viking miniatures. It looks like they are adding more each month.

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There is also a level that adds terrain as well. Art of Mike: This is Patreon for a of great looking sci-fi releases. Terrific looking miniatures fitting for Necromunda and other games. He even has some vehicles, bases and terrain that are all sci-fi thematic. Artisan Guild : This is a fantasy based Patreon with highly stylized miniatures for your 3D Printing. They also have a few terrain pieces available right now.

He creates all kinds of great looking Sci-Fi terrain.

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This Patreon sees him branching out to fantasy, Gaslands and more. Battle Yak Miniatures: This Patreon features fantasy miniatures. They look to be very detailed and look good. Each month has a different theme. Black Omen : This is another miniatures Patreon with some very cool looking miniatures being produced. He produces 1 a week for Patrons. Black Scrolls Games : This is another miniatures modeler.

He makes some cool monster miniatures that you can print at home. These miniatures are support free, to make them print well on FDM printers. This includes dungeon tiles, vehicles as well as the cute Chibi miniatures, as far as I can tell.

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Cast N Play : This is a group of artists that have come together to create models Miniatures and Terrain for the community. They feature a TON of miniatures each month in various themes. Comet Lord Miniatures : This artist is creating a of different miniatures. It looks to be fantasy based like his works. Cult Miniatures: This Patreon features fantasy based Miniatures. This is another set of highly detailed models. What is cool, is they release both thematic miniatures but also terrain for each month. Plus, digital kitbashing.

The patreon index – terrain/miniatures/gaming patreons

Dice He : These are pretty cool. They are not exactly gaming files, but definately gaming adjacent. They are fantasy miniatures with a D20 for a head. They are very creative. His first release is fantasy, but his site features a of sci-fi. You can also get his commercial tier this way. Dread Forge Miniatures : This is a Patreon that features a of fantasy creatures and heroes each month. These are set up to print on FDM and Resin printers.

Master list of tabletop patreons

With several months of development, this is a pretty well developed Patreon. Duncan Shadow Louca : Duncan is well known for his character creations. He also releases terrain pieces that are spectacular.

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DungeonPrint Studio : This is both software and terrain files. The main reason I backed it, was for the terrific mapping capabilities, allowing me to build up dungeons virtually to find out what pieces I need. They also offer free sets of terrain that the community votes on which is really nice.

He has a few monsters to start with but plans to include demons, other creatures, dinosaurs and more. Fabio Schizzo : Fabio is creating various, highly detailed fantasy miniatures. Even the monster miniatures are more highly detailed characters than most. Francesco A. Pizzo : Releasing fantasy and sci-fi miniatures to print, as well as scenic elements and game aids. GameScape3D : They are releasing some new pieces to expand their OpenPeg lines and plans to build out new looks using existing pieces. One level is for Kickstarter backers that only includes the extra pieces he develops.

The other level is for patreon games list that did not back Kickstarters and need all the pieces for the new buildings. He gives back to the community by releasing most of his models on Thingiverse. Goon Master Games: This Patreon is dedicated to all kinds of fantasy miniatures and some terrain.

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It looks like a monthly release of a lot of miniatures. Hardcoeur Studios : This is a Patreon that features a of modern and sci-fi miniatures.

Top patreon games

He is interested in sci-fi, cyberpunk, and fantasy. Heroes Infinite: Raging Heroes is creating fantasy miniatures for your gaming table. Each month they release a of miniatures based on a set theme. Hobgoblin3D : This is a Patreon that features miniatures for fantasy games in a 28mm scale. They will also have props and terrain.

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Ill Gotten Games : Ill Gotten Games is well-known and prolific in the modeling terrain and miniatures community. He has funded numerous Kickstarters and released lo of models for free. From Miniatures to Terrain, to creating full-blown fully printable games, Ill Gotten Games does it all.

Imperial Terrain : Imperial Terrain is doing a monthly, Patreon like service that features a subscription for their terrain.

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