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To learn more, order your copy of Renting Lacy today. Victims are expected to comply with the rules and often do so out of fear of punishment or because they have been psychologically manipulated into a sense of loyalty or love.

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How the crusade against sex trafficking in Texas has left child victims behind. When it comes to punishing the sex traffickers who exploit Texas kids, state leaders are unforgiving: Their crimes are "vile," "heinous," "despicable," "unconscionable. Texas Tribune reporters talked to three convicted traffickers to try to understand the power they wield over victims and the attraction of what they call "the lifestyle.

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Like, you know, learned how they work, learned what they want, everything, from doing boy things to a grown-up man. The year-old career criminal is sitting behind bars dressed in an orange jumpsuit.

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Deiaco is facing 19 charges, including human trafficking, assault causing bodily harm, unlawful confinement and kidnapping. He awaits trial. In a jailhouse interview at the Toronto East Detention Centre, Deiaco told the Star he could not talk about his case that is before the courts, except to say that police have their facts wrong. Did you think you could leave me?

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It begins with the boyfriend stage, he says, where pimps prey on vulnerable girls and pretend to be in love. Over the past 13 years, Deiaco says he has had more than a dozen women working in the sex trade — at one point up to four at a time — from hotels, motels and condos in Toronto. You grow up, right?

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He no longer uses love to lure women into the sex trade. I love my money.

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The deal between Deiaco and his sex workers is usually orwith him pocketing the majority of the cash. Why should anybody be getting into trouble? They just want to get what they want and go home, no strings attached. No relationship, no feelings, no fighting — a quick business deal.

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One night, he picked her up with his robes in the back seat of the car, Deiaco says. Another sex worker was seeing a john regularly who one day called her, said he was a police officer and warned her of a raid on the hotel she was prostituting out of.

A pimp's game: a rational choice approach to understanding the decisions of sex traffickers

He has seen pimps lock girls in hotel rooms, beat them, take phone cords out of the wall and disable their Facebook and s. We always go back to what we know, right? People see me and they see a monster.

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Star investigation into the dark underbelly of domestic sex trafficking in Ontario. Funding to combat sex trafficking in Ontario lags behind other provinces.

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Ontario should set up task force to stop human trafficking: Editorial. Copyright owned or d by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved.

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To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. His fingernails are long, his gaze steady.

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