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Localization originally published by MangaGamer September 30, Released on Nutaku. For PC Windows. Full Japanese voice acting. You play as a writer for a hentai game company. You work long hours and rarely see your beloved young wife.

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But that is not a bad thing for those fans of NTR, since it is a sub-genre of Eroge Visual Novels that we very rarely see get translated in the West, other than shady fan translations.

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And that encapsulates what this straightforward story is all about. You can change the names of all 3 main characters. Right off the bat I could tell that this one was a Visual Novel that was really directed to those who are actually into this kink, and not just for those who have a passing interest in something new.

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And the biggest reason for that was that they allow you to change the name of the main character, his wife, and the man she is cheating on him with. That allows anyone who has this particular kink to get more into the fantasy. Combine that with artwork that is rather western in style especially the bedroomsand I could see where this would be a high value role play experience for those who are into NTR and cuckolding. The main character is unseen, but he definitely bears a lot of similarity to the devs.

You never see anything of him other than the occasional lower half of his body. The developers definitely had a bit of fun creating him, because he seems to be very much an avatar for them.

´╗┐please bang my wife

He does not make enough for his wife to just be a home maker, and she has to have a part-time job, which leaves him with a lot of anxiety. Another part of his burden is that he is becoming more aware of the fact that he is not able to sexually satisfy his wife very well. But eventually it becomes apparent, to both himself and the reader, that he is actually turned on by it.

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One interesting aspect of this story is that she seems to be genuinely poly-amorous, not just a cheater. The sexual experience that has satisfied her more than ever before has opened her up to the fact that she can, and prefers, to love more than one person. It is quite interesting to see this subject discussed in visual novels; it certainly shows up in traditional books but it has largely not been touched in other non-adult video games.

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Hard to be too mad at the cheater in question when the spouse enjoys the idea so thoroughly. The person that she is cheating with is named Kazuki Okada, and is the boss at her part-time job.

Cuckolding hentai game review: please bang my wife 2

His wife was drinking at a party and her boss took advantage of her sexually, and she enjoyed the sex so much more than with her husband that she kept coming back for it. He is more successful, more handsome, has a much larger penis, and lasts longer when having sex.

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His own motivations, other than just having sex with a beautiful woman, seem to be a bit mysterious. At times he seems to be trying to genuinely steal her from her husband, at other times he seems to just want to get laid every now and then.

[nsfw] hentai game review: please bang my wife - hentai reviews

His motivations do slightly change depending on the route you are on. There was only one sequence where you could make multiple selections, and the order in which you select them determines the route you are on. It can be a little frustrating, at times, trying to figure out which combination will net you a different result. It would be a lot easier if I could actually save my progress right before the selections, but alas, I had a bug where I could not save my game. Alas, one major bug remained through both versions; the inability to save my game this might be exclusive to my operating system, which is 64 bit Windows 7.

Please bang my wife

But that was the only bug, and they corrected all other issues. This is, quite possibly, the NTR you were looking for. The translation was largely good, with only a couple simple text errors and funky grammar. But her voice is pretty good, if a bit light. Her voice was light enough that I had to turn down the music volume a bit to hear much of it, but the music itself was better than I expected.

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This is likely to be right up the alley of someone who really loves a cuckold story, especially if they like to role play that scenario. Overall I really applaud the effort to represent even more tastes in their growing stable of Eroge Visual Novels. Toggle. support the website by covering server and domain costs. We're just a group of gamers here, like you, doing what we love to do: playing video games and bringing y'all niche goodness.

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Please bang my wife

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