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Ponyville brothel game, Filipine lady searching ponyville brothel game to humiliation

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Want to advertise on e? ! Best description I got is that you play a pony that owns a brothel in Equestria, and you slowly hire more and more Equestrian prostitutes, and manage funds in the form of bits.

Occasionally you get sex scenes for your ponies, which were pictures taken from other artists to represent the scene. I remember you start with Twilight Sparkle, and I believe bits, and you have to buy trainers, teachers, and so on.

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Each pony also had stats they were good at, and you'd have to train them in order to manage more patrons at once, and make them pay more. Anyone know what this game was called and how to find it, or even where it went? Or, hell, even vaguely remember it as well, because I'm starting to think I had a really extensive string of dreams and imagined the whole damn thing a long ass time ago.

Updated by Furrin Gok over 3 years ago. Zorthax said: Hey guys, I've been trying to find title game in question.

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Its called "Ponyville brothel" and I found the deleted video on the website through sheer effort. Artist requested removal is why its gone. How I managed to FIND something that was deleted a year ago on this website is beyond me though, already forgot how.

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Zorthax Member. Hey guys, I've been trying to find title game in question.

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