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Pure Onyx is a game that I had been keeping my eye on for quite a while. This game is brought to us by Euromancer who gave us Malise and the Machine.

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It features fully animated, hand drawn art and is styled after 80s cyberpunk anime. Pure Onyx will contain in-game, fully animated H content. in. Log into your .

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Cure My Addiction [Ch. Fantasy Trainer [v1. Paprika Trainer [v1. Timestamps — Chapter 1: Unconditional Love [v1. Acting Lessons [v1. My Pleasure [v0. Off The Record [Ep. Home On-going Pure Onyx.

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May 31st Test Release as mentioned in the progress update earlier this month, a major goal since the Inner Circle release was to polish up the Chain Splicer H scene. The Chain Splicer now has a much more performant chain weapon, so you should see some performance boost if you had lag issues with him before. Continue to expect additional performance options in the future.

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Added the first version of the new loading screen. Upgraded basic Hit FX graphics.

Eromancer - pure onyx new version may 31 ic test release

Wraxe can now summon Chain Splicers Wraxe now summons more minions at once, but his summon skill has a longer cooldown. Street Lord Wraxe should no longer get stuck in place when walking.

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Vioreaper no longer spams stingers. Onyx will no longer get a weird burst of speed when skidding to a stop after dashing. There are some minor issues with the chains due to having to use a slightly older rig for compatibility. Will be fixed in next update! The Chain Splicer currently has no unique H attack animation.

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His windup animation will receive new FX soon to distinguish between an H attack and regular attack. New loading screen may have issues with aspect ratio. If he charges repeatedly this shift can add up to be ificant.

Pure onyx [ongoing] - version: may 31st test release

It will soon correct itself however. Chain Splicer can immediately hit Onyx after an H scene if he had wound up to attack before the H scene began. Street Lord Wraxe can dash backwards if he begins his dash at the far right side of the map.

Enemies can appear floating above the shop characters after an H scene, but should fix themselves quickly. This will be fixed soon.

Infinite jabs are way overpowered against bosses right now. Jab spam will be changed to a standing combo soon-ish among other combat improvements.

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You can use console commands for this while the game is still rough around the edges. Type any of the commands below and press enter. Changes will not be reflected in enemies until the current wave is wiped out.

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If you want to fight Street Lord Wraxe, who spawns on Wave 20, then set the wave to 19 and wipe out the remaining enemies. Instead of constructing AI zones of engagement via code, they now use collider shapes similar to hitboxes. Added bodysuit variants of FemCop H scenes to the gallery. Fixed reversed camera zoom input in Gallery Mode Gallery camera zoom speed is now the same as in stage.

H animation desync issues have been resolved. Street Lord Wraxe may become stuck while walking. He can be knocked out of it however.

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