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Nov 11, These sex games will take your couples game night to the next level. A recent Reddit thread started by Girlwithagoldengun asked for the best couples sex game Thumbs:

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I know there is a massive market of Japanese eroge titles.

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But these always are unknown games made by small studios. They have shitty animations, bad graphics, and bad de.

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Plus you can't even find them on big game stores like Steam and have to torrent them. I'm thinking something along the lines of Bayonetta. Sexy, but still well made such that it can be appreciated in the west. AA or AAA would be good. Hell, it doesn't even have to be an erotic game.

What are some "sexy" games that have good production value?

Any game that lets you play as a sexy girl and do things that might be sexy or arousing. Saints Row, for example, let's you create a hot girl character and dress her up in all sorts of skimpy outfits and have fun with that with ridiculous missions. Stuff like that I was thinking.

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Interact with hot girls very frequently in the game, etc. Like Duke Nukem.

Ai dungeon’s new filter for stories involving minors incenses fans

Not really what I'm looking for. I want a game where the b00bs and sexiness is ever-present.

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Exactly the type of suggestion I was looking for Unfortunately, I've already played the ever-loving-shit out of Skyrim. So suggestion was good but not something I can use in this case.

11 video games that got banned and why

Thanks though. Huniepop had pretty fun gameplay if you like match-three type games.

A lot of fighting of fighting games might appeal to you, like Dead or Alive. Lollipop Chainsaw perhaps?

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Action game akin to Bayonetta though it doesn't take itself seriously. Honorable mentions: Alien Isolation. Hyrule Warriors Wii U P. Take a look at "Eiyuu Senki" It's a japanese eroge, but has a suprisingly fun turn-based strategy combat. The most compelling aspect is that every girl in the game are prominent historical figures turned into females whom the protagonist do develop love and interact sexually with.

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Moreover each girl you encounter will be recuited into your arsenal of playable units each with their own abilities that you unlock as you deepen your relationship with them. For an eroge game i actually fully completed it because the combat was that fun.

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Very niche and requires some reading, but if you don't mind that then give it a shot. What are some "sexy" games that have good production value?

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The Witcher 3 is full of explicit sex scenes if that counts. You want Skyrim, with mods.

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Continue this thread. You can play an asian mmo, like Tera or Blade and Soul.

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More posts from the gamingsuggestions community. Welcome to gamingsuggestions.

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