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In Matrix Hearts, the main character spent his entire life dreaming about being a gold medal winner in the rock climbing wall Olympics. All of that changed the second he sustained a knee injury while climbing a wall. Now, his hopes are The Headmaster game - A crisis has fallen upon a small island nation.

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Every year fewer students are graduating from high school. The government must take drastic measures to ensure economic stability.

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Every student that failed or was e You are put into an experimental study program where you must start a business from scratch. It's a task tha In this multi-adventure erotic visual novel, Alice's father has always wanted her to move to the big city and go to a prestigious college.

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Alice has made her father so proud by doing exactly what he hoped that she would do. Now, she's The Depth's Revival is an adult visual novel that your choices have a substantial impact on the game.

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You are a college student that awakens his subconscious to change his life. With the help of his subconscious, he can become the man Summertime Saga game - A young man's father is killed, and he can't make sense of it. His dad was in debt to criminals who decided to make him pay the ultimate price.

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Somehow, this young guy needs to face all of this while trying to sa Become Someone - This porn game is a simulation of what adult life is all about. You get to mingle with some sexy girls. Some of those girls are more than willing to put out and have some fun in between the sheets.

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You've got to keep a In the WVM sex game, you are a young basketball superstar. You've had a pretty shitty life and were orphaned at a young age.

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Now you're going to a terrible school called WVM, and their basketball team sucks. It will take all of your sk The Making of a Slut game - You transform from a male to a female in this game.

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You were already an effeminate college guy. Now you're a girl who is learning all about her body.

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It's as strange as it sounds. Have you ever wished you we In College Bound, you busted your ass off in college and finally managed to get yourself into the international student exchange program. You and your girlfriend Summer were supposed to go.

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It looks like the only Summer will go because The Crucial investigation game consists of two stories based on two girls named Amy and Tiffany. Amy is a police officer who takes her job protecting and serving seriously. Tiffany works in a store in a small town, and she finds it bor The Old School Blazin' game is a story from the 90s about a hard-living guy.

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He loves to drink, do drugs, and fuck all kinds of girls. It sounds like a pretty exciting lifestyle. The problem is, living like this can easily catch up wit In the anime porn game Hentai University, you play the role of a hypnotist who is also a student counselor at a university.

You're always in contact with all kinds of horny girls who want to do nothing more than fuck all day. Use hypno In Favorite Teacher, you've got a brand new job as a biology teacher.

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You try your best to get into the panties of the teachers you work with, your students, and even your new neighbors. It seems like there's nothing that you won't try Bumpkin Boy's Bizarre Adventures - You might have played games with this sort of theme before.

A guy grows up on a farm and wants to move to the city and get an education. Your character moves in with his Aunt Hanna, and she has two se Welcome to Spring City, where you play the role of a young adult male. The story begins with you living with your dad and stepmom.

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How everything goes in the game depends on the decisions that you make. You can choose to live a pretty In Moniker Smith's Bloodlines, an ancient power awakens, and it causes vampires to take over a small town. Every time a victim becomes a vampire, a new branch of the story is formed.

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You should replay each of the scenes to access new a She has broken far too many rules and now must give up her business. Penny is determined to continue as a private investigator, and she finds a new wa In Scars of Summer, the Lil 'red panda is the protagonist in this game.

He meets all kinds of critters and explores the Forest of Love. Yes, that sounds pretty hardcore. But, does the forest live up to its name? Will you discover that In FreshWomen, something terrible happened to your father, and you want to learn what it was while you're still a young man. During learning what happened to your dad, you have an accident that erases some of your memories.

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After the a Champions of Liberty Institute of Training - Emma is studying to become a superhero. She is also a lesbian. Somehow you must balance her studies and her personal life. She is the type of lesbian who loves to find herself face deep in p In this game of Degrees of Lewdity, you are a young woman and a student.

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Sadly you are also an orphan and live in an orphanage. Customize your character with the mannerisms you desire and control your destiny.

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As this young woman, you Let's be honest, Kevin is a bit of a nerd. He spent most of his youth playing video games and has never had any luck with girls. You are the o He has been constantly bullied by his caretaker Charlotte. Grynesha is a succubus who escaped from the Demon World and came over to the School Girls.