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Brittany and Trinity are back in a new game from Puppetmaster!

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It also provides an opportunity for gamers who have never played a Kojima Productions game, and veterans alike, to gain familiarity with the radical new game de and unparalleled style of presentation.

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The critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid franchise has entertained fans for decades and revolutionized the gaming industry. Kojima Productions once again raises the bar with the FOX Engine offering incredible graphic fidelity and the introduction of open world game de in the Metal Gear Solid universe.

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This is the experience that core gamers have been waiting for. Nidhogg is the epic award-winning fencing tug-of-war, full of graceful acrobatics and clumsy stabs. IRL yelling and excitement may occur, in this ultimate two-player showdown of fast-paced fencing and melee attacks.

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Beware, advantages in Nidhogg are often fleeting, as new opponents continually spawn in your way. Use a variety of fencing maneuvers while armed — lunges, parries, and even dirty tricks like throwing your sword.

If swordless, press forward with punches, sweep kicks, dive kicks, rolls, and wall jumps. The combat arena stretches in both directions, although besting an opponent only gains you ground.

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Each arena holds different strategic formations and chokepoints to use to your advantage. Until you reach your goal-zone, anything is possible. Only one thing is certain in Nidhogg… the only way to win is to outwit your opponent.

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En Garde! Download Here.

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Nintendo 3DS Games.