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The place of women in games has become something of a sensitive topic lately. With more and more strong, independent female characters making their way into the medium, it brings into question how women should be conceived. In a primarily male dominated industry, how are these women represented?

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She lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games. Who are the hottest video game characters? Read on to find out!

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O ne evening, while playing Monster Hunter 4, I decided to ask my boyfriend which video game ladies he has a crush on. Having admitted all this to my boyfriend, I wanted to hear his list of fanciable women characters. Undeterred, I fired a list of ostensibly desirable women game characters at him — and he rolled his eyes at every one of them.

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Those of us attracted to men have a fairly varied selection of looks and personalities to choose from in video games, because male characters generally have more going on than skimpy armour and gravity-defying body parts. Browse through any game collection and there are going to be a lot of female characters bouncing about the place, with little more to add to the story than a chainmail bikini.

But when it comes to games, after a long think, he managed to come up with Tali from the Mass Effect series: an alien whose face you never see, with three fingers on each hand and legs that bend backwards.

Top 50 hottest female video game characters

But these are the characters that always get mentioned. No matter how many interesting female characters you indignantly list in response to this observation, there are a hundred male characters for every one of them.

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There is just this enormous gap between physical attraction and emotional connection that game deers are still having trouble navigating. The seeming inability of developers to represent an array of female body types and identities perpetuates the idea of women as decoration, leading to stunted character development. If the default starting position is sex appeal, you automatically create a character whose looks define them.

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Sexiness definitely should not be banished from video games — it can be an interesting character element. Bayonetta, Vivienne from Dragon Age: Inquisition and Morinth from Mass Effect 2 are all examples of how sex appeal is brilliantly effective when it makes sense to the character and the world that has been created around them.

At least she has moved on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with beautiful game characters — male protagonists themselves are often a mix of rugged good looks and hulking muscle mass.

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But there is still variety in de that is often lacking in their female counterparts. The most frustrating thing is that objectification creates hurdles for genuinely intelligent and engaging writing. Games have reached a point of narrative maturity where they can make us laugh and cry, where virtual environments are places we can lose ourselves in for hundreds of hours.

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Meanwhile, television is now widely considered to be the go-to place for quality drama, producing a whole gamut of provocative female characters from the casts of Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones to Diance in Bojack Horseman. This article is more than 6 years old. Holly Nielsen.

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