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Download sharks lagoon – games collection (update) porn game

Shark's Lagoon is a 3D porn world filled with its own 3D characters and models. The site reminds me of a relic straight out of the late 90s.

With a Geocities looking website and 3D models that look like they were done by a junior college student, the art really takes me back to an age when my dick was still growing. The webmasters share their 3D modelling files so you can download it, open it up in software, and take a deep look yourself.

These files work in Anim8or or any 3ds format compatible software.

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There are also photo sets and games. The photo sets feature our 3D model sluts in webcomic style stories, complete with themes including rape, adultery, and more.

Please enjoy our very own adult games:

The main story, Milly, is a forty chapter saga about These games are a mix between story and sex and are fairly basic browser games that mostly serve to feature the 3D art. The games are nothing to write home about sharks lagoon free games, but if you like them you can support the site on PrivBox.

The forums are a great place to discover new porn games, since people are posting free sex games all the time. You can also talk about the Shark games, ask for porno, or just talk about any fucking thing really. In general, this is a bizarre site. It seriously looks as if it time travelled here from 20 years ago, but hey, I was jerking off to this shit all the time back then. Time sure does fly when you're having fun Exploring the pussy lagoon Like any classic porn site, you get to go through a "are you sure you're 18?

When you first enter you'll see the main gallery featuring two of the latest games. The sides of the are just big bannerso you can ignore that shit. I recommend clicking on one of these games to get a feel for what the games are like right off the bat. As a note, most of the games here are flash games. As of this review, the creator started getting his feet wet with Html5, which I think we can all agree is superior. Anyway, if you have something against Flash, you probably will want to turn back now.

The main links include models, 3D vision, Millie webcomicand games.

Please enjoy our very own adult games:

Models is where you can download the raw 3ds files to open and edit in your 3D software. You also get access to Anim8or files if that's your preference. There are seven models to choose from, including one dude. Unless you're an artist, you'll probably want to ignore this section. This provides executable files that become 3D viewers of the models.

Sharks lagoon

You can zoom in and out, or rotate the cameras as you jerk off to these CGI babes in an image editor. Millie is an epic forty chapter webcomic by a user called RKShooter. The story is about a big-dicked boss named Mr. Strokem who has lots of fuck adventures with his assistant Millie.

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Finally, the main feature of the sites are the games. These games are all simple text based games in the vein of the classic hentai RPGs, although far more simpler and "Westernized".

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Some of the games are behind a paywall. For about 10 bucks a month, you can play a couple of their exclusive titles like Furious Mermaid. Finally, there's a lot of free content from the community under the contribution tab.

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These user gems include not only photos, but games as well, absolutely free. First of all, all these bitches are generated through mainstream 3D software such as 3DSMax. If you've ever seen CGI porn, you should know exactly what to expect.

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These ladies are rendered rather than drawn, and should remind you of graphics from games such as Half-Life or the Sims series. Pretty much all the girls are white with huge tits and nice thick legs.

Please enjoy our very own adult games:

Sorry loli lovers, but you won't get any preteen pussy here. These bitches all look like Playboy models, complete with fake ass titties. The pics, games, and comics all look very similar and just have different presentations.

Games are more interactive, but can be slow, while pics and comics are fast but don't give you any options. Just go with what you like. It's super simple, and I'm sure a year-old can make all this shit with today's technology, but there's a ton of free content and you can tell they put love into their projects. The contribution section is also amazing. Check out the works by RKShooter and msp. A lot of the porn comes in multiple languages.

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I saw some of the games even come in French, Swedish, or English. I also hope they can keep making more HTML5 games. Flash is an old standard that has security issues and is not compatible with mobile phones, so basically it sucks ass. Keep working on that HTML shit brother. The forum is excellent. Lots of activity, tons of free porn, and cool discussions that go beyond just dicks going into pussies.

Honestly, it's probably a great resource for aspiring 3D artists also. Where should I begin? First, the website looks like it was shit out by a clown from the 90s. With ridiculous fonts and colors, you'll wonder why they couldn't just use a WordPress or Wix to show off their work. This is literally Geocities or Angelfire tier shittiness.

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I really hope they were doing this on purpose just to be ironic, or to appeal to the grandpas out there that can't handle shit like animations. And the buttons and arrows they use…Jesus Christ. The only thing they are missing are rows of shitty flaming skull GIFs. Considering how shitty the game quality is, I think they have no right to demand money. Do people seriously pay for this shit?

Especially when the contribution section has so much more content for free. Finally, the porn is rather one dimensional. All the girls have similar body types, and there isn't any niche or unique porn here. Standard straight and lesbian porn is mostly what's happening at the lagoon.

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I wouldn't argue with you, hell I would even agree with you. I also wonder what kind of fucked up person is still stuck jerking off to these Voodoo 2 videocard era CGI, when we have shit like deepfakes and virtual reality now. The games are simple but engaging, and they help take 3D porn to another level. I think this site owes its coolness to the strong community.

Open Sharks Lagoon. Sharks Lagoon Honestly, it's not a bad read. Orgies, lesbians, and lots of bitch drama awaits you. Hentai Heroes.

Sharks lagoon

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