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No matter the age or composition of a group, a slumber party is guaranteed to provide fun for those involved.

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For The Girls is the ultimate grown-up sleepover game that every girl's night needs. This internet-breaking adult party game by What Do You Meme? So get ready to get wild with For The Girls .

Name: Dasi
How old am I: I am 24
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The objective is to enjoy the animations which progressively get hotter. To make progress, raise the red bar the girl's arousal.

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However, if the blue bar the girl's depth of sleep reaches the bottom, then it's Game Over. There are many animations, and some nice combinations, but it can be difficult to find the right combination that increases the red bar. That's what this guide is for.

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From the main menu, click on the top option of the three buttons. You can either wait for the opening animation to end, or skip it by clicking on the SKIP button.

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When the hand appears in the top-right, you can begin. Where the instructions say a body part such as "vagina"you can click on that part of the girl, and then a short animation will play.

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You generally need to wait for the ongoing animation to end before you can do anything. However, some animations loop indefinitely, and sometimes you can do something during a looping animation. Where the instructions say a multiplier such as "x2"progress requires you to click that body part and watch the animation a of times equal to the multiplier.

To make progress where a loop offers BACK, you can generally either wait or you can go back then in again and repeat.

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Sometimes you can only make progress by waiting. Sometimes you can only make progress by going back then in repeatedly. Waiting for the loops usually takes longer, but backing out of a loop too quickly might not increase the red bar, so make sure the red bar bumps up before backing out. So long as it guarantees progress, the instructions say the faster option of the two.

Of course, where the instructions say to repeatedly back out of a loop and go in again, if you are slow to back out, then the red bar will increase more during the animation, so you might not need to back out and go in again as many times as the instructions say.

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The important thing is to get to the next scene. It can be difficult to make progress and enjoy the game at the same time. Consider playing the game for fun for a while. When you are happy, then you can follow the instructions.

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If you lose track of where you are in the instructions compared to the game, then go back to the main menu by clicking on the button in the top-left, then click the middle button to go to scene select, then click on the scene showing the most progress. Consider marking your progress through the instructions by selecting or highlighting the line of the instructions that corresponds to the scene you are on.

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The game can take a long time to complete all three routes. Your first time completing Route-A might take an hour. You will get faster at progressing through the game when you practise more.

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To explain the instructions a bit more, consider this example: tit x2, tit back x3 checkpoint These instructions say: Click on the girl's tits. Wait for the animation to end, then click the tits again.

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After that, click on the tits a third time then click on the BACK button when it appears in the bottom-right. Click the tits then BACK another two times.

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Backing out on the third time should be followed by the game going black for half a second - this happens when the game changes scene. Here is another example: vagina x3, vagina loop x12 back checkpoint These instructions say: Click on the girl's vagina. Wait for the animation to end, then click the vagina again. Repeat that one more time. After that, click on the vagina a fourth time then watch the animation play through an animation can take between 1 and 9 seconds depending on the exact animation.

Sleeping girl

When the animation starts to repeat itself, you have completed one loop. To progress, complete 12 total loops, and then click on BACK.

Again, the game will go black for a moment, taking you to the next scene. Scenes can be loaded from the main menu by clicking on the middle button.

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For those confused for Route B, the walkthrough starts from Scene 1. Notice how there is a 4 after the third checkpoint. If you don't like following these instructions, you can just go by trial and error. It's a lot easier than some of the other games. I still don't know what scene 4 he's refering to since scene 4 only has the vag option.

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