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And it was at this moment, my penis was more disappointed than my mind about an early access title. Is "Early Access" considered under 18? Jesus christ!

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Sometimes it doesn't matter how much we read about intimacy, how many articles and podcasts and studies tell us that sex is essential for healthy relationships, or how attracted we still are to our partners They get a little stale, they get de-prioritized, we find things we love more than sex like sleepand one day it dawns on us: We don't need more research, we need more ideas. This may not surprise you at all, but novelty and excitement are some of the key elements of passion and arousal.

Name: Lilla
What is my age: I am 58
Where am I from: Peruvian
Sexual orientation: Guy
What is my gender: Fem
I know: English, Greek
I like to drink: Vodka
What is my hobbies: Diving
Body tattoos: None
Smoker: No

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Mar 19, 0 comments. Sex can get consistent and turn into a bit of a routine or worse: it can become non-existent. When any of these things happen, you can become desperate to try anything to spice things up. No one wants to have a predictable or fictional sex life. What can you do to make your sex life hot and surprising again?

❤ sexy game for couples

We have six games that are sure to bring your sex life just the excitement it needs to make it sexy and unexpected again. Sex Dice can be found as one die or two dice. Just roll the dice and follow the directions. The most common set of sex dice have one die that has an action on each side and another die that has a body part on each side. For examples; suck ears, tease nipples, and kiss neck.

Before rolling the dice, decide how long that action will be performed: 30 seconds, one slutty game, or two minutes are usually good starting points. Roll the dice, set a timer, and have fun! Find and Seek is just as it sounds. Get any food item: whipped cream, chocolate syrup, honey, etc. Remember to only put the food items in safe spots: the neck, an inner thigh, your belly button or between your boobs.

Break out the cards you know you have thrown in a drawer and play strip poker with your partner. This is a way to make the foreplay last longer by teasing each other and getting each other naked slowly. Strip poker can be played in many ways, but the easiest game is The cards slutty game valued at their ; two is worth two points, three is worth three points, four is worth four points, and so on.

Jack, Queen, and King cards are worth ten points each The Ace card is worth one point slutty game 11 points — the person holding the card gets to choose the value of that card. The point of the game is to get as close to 21 points as possible, but if you go over, you immediately lose.

The dealer places one card face down in front of each player and then lays a card on top of that face up where everyone can see. Honestly, the ideas are limitless and if you get stuck while trying to come up with 54 ideas, just remember that you can write some of them twice and you can leave some blank if you wish. When a block is pulled out, the person that pulled it out has to perform that act on the other person for the allotted amount of time. Make it extra sexy by saying the person that knocks Jenga over first loses and the other person gets to choose how to spend the rest of the evening!

6 games to bring more excitement to your sex life

Play Sexy Truth or Dare in the privacy of your bedroom. Take turns asking each other truth or dare. While this game requires no purchase to be able to play, you can also find sexy truth or dare games online and let the game decide your fate. Purchase a sex board game. Some games are made just for oral sex, some just for fucking, others to use your favorite sex toys with, and some that have slutty game doing a little bit of everything!

If you get stuck trying to pick the best board game, our friends at Amazon have the board game titled Nude.

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Drive your senses to another level and enjoy being put to the test by your partner, who will go all the way to make you climax. Try a range of sexual acts you will perform using interesting accessories. This game includes: two tokens, one die, one board game, one blindfold, one vibrating ring, and four decks of cards. All you need to bring is [ protected]. You deserve the most non-fictional and hottest sex life possible, so quit cutting yourself short!

6 games to bring more excitement to your sex life

We dare you to try all of these games. Open up, become vulnerable, and let the games begin. All of these games are sure to bring you lo of pleasure and fun that your sex life has been begging for! Note: Some links are affiliate linkswhich help support the site. I only recommend things I would use myself!

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about our links. View More Posts by this Author. Strip Poker Break out the cards you know you have thrown in a drawer and play strip poker with your partner.

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Buy a set on Amazon. Buy Jenga on Amazon! Sexy Truth Ideas: Tell me your favorite position.

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If you could have your way with me anywhere, where would it be? Sexy Dare Ideas: I dare you to go down on me for one minute. I dare you to masturbate in front of me for two minutes. I dare you to use only your teeth to remove my underwear.

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I dare you to turn me on with only your hands. I dare you to turn me on with only your mouth. Pick your favorite toy out of our toys and use it on me for three minutes. This is a great way to open up communication in the bedroom while having a great time doing so!

4 sexy games you can play in the bedroom

Sex Board Game Purchase a sex board game. All you need to bring is [ protected] Click this link to check Nude out and order it for yourself. Or find the board game that best suits you and have fun! You can thank us later and as always, Stay Slutty! About the Author: Felicia Jarrett.

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Felicia Jarrett is passionate about all things sex. She strives every day to learn something new about sex and share her knowledge with all of you. You'll often find her behind her computer with a cup of coffee or glass of wine! Follow Felicia on Twitter. Search for:.