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Hurt Me Plenty is a game about spanking. Consensual adult spanking, not debatably-traumatic-for-small-children spanking.

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We Dare was more famous for its commercial than its gameplay, largely because the backlash to the trailer was so strong that Ubisoft basically cancelled it. Mini-game collections existed before Nintendo launched the Wii inbut the explosive popularity of Wii Sportscombined with the new possibilities of motion controls, meant every publisher under the sun was doing mini-games. This resulted in a strange trailer suggesting a game about stripping and spanking.

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Story from Health Trends. Finally, a video game that may start to undo all the damage that "Grand Theft Auto" has done.

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Hurt Me Plenty — an interactive, online game now available for free download — teaches you how to engage in BDSM practices safely. All you need is a trackpad.

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The game begins with a consenting partner whom developer Robert Yang describes as a "hairy beefcake" kneeling on all fours, ready for you to administer some light BDSM. Swiping your hand along your computer's trackpad, sort of as you would when spanking someone, garners a reaction from your partner "Yes, Mistress!

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It's a pretty brief game, and you win when your partner is sufficiently aroused and you've maintained the intimacy of your sexual encounter. If any boundaries are crossed if you spank too hard or for too long, for exampleyour partner in the game shouts "STOP!

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Of course, the game doesn't address the complexities of negotiation with an IRL partner; the use of safe words, for example, or any two-way discussion of boundaries is notably absent. But, despite its playful name and relatively simple de, Hurt Me Plenty aims for a teachable moment.

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It reinforces the necessary rules of playing with submission, dominance, and pain with a sexual partner: that these practices should be carried out in an open, safe way, preferably with plenty of enthusiasm. Each evening, the 7 p.

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